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Dec 10, 2013 03:43 PM

Dive bar veggie burgers?

Anybody know of great veggie burgers at Bay Area dive bars or cool old diners? I'm not looking for a defrosted Boca burger on a bun with iceberg, but something a little more interesting: interesting patties, or maybe no patty at all but a portobello mushroom, tofu, falafel, or tempeh burger. Good condiments, relishes, and/or house-made conserves a plus!

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  1. As a long time vegetarian, I am always on the lookout for a great veggie burger.
    Hillstone Restaurant on the Embarcadero is quite good.
    The Portobello mushroom sandwich at Greens, which is worth eating, is their version of a veggie burger.
    Recently, I have enjoyed really delicious veggie burgers at the Legion of Honor Café. Perfectly spiced, and you can top it with avocado if you like.

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    1. Not a dive bar, but I am a fan of the sliders at Portal in Oakland (near the lake). The Quinoa/Tempeh slider somes with bbq sauce and avocado, making it messy to eat, but I actually prefer to the meat versions. They sometimes have a mushroom slider too. Plus a deep-fried egg one at brunch.

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        Perfect, thanks. I like Portal but haven't tried the vegetarian sliders.

      2. It's been a few years since I've eaten at Benders, and the kitchen has been through a couple different permutations. IIRC, the burger was passable - a bit dry, a bit salty from the bacon bits, but if you're looking for a dive bar that makes their own vegan burgers, Benders will surely fit the bill.

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