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Dec 10, 2013 02:46 PM

Chestnuts by the pound!

I was wondering if anyone's had any experience buying about 20-30 pounds of fresh chestnuts in and around montreal--- Around christmas time especially, I'm hoping there are vendors specializing on it? I'm looking to do a big roast next week and was hoping I can buy these chestnuts in bulk as opposed to the tiny amounts in supermarkets. Any information would be great!

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  1. Go to the markets, either JTM or Atwater should have chestnuts by the "tons"

    I am certain Nino (among others) can accomodate you.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Nino (now actually Nino 2.0) can definitely accommodate goosew_108, but likely at prices even more expensive than your generic supermarket.

      I'd suggest either talking to Segal's, Sakaris or other similar independent grocery stores that sell them. Or try the wholesalers around marche central, and/or places like Aubut or Mayrand.

    2. Go to one of the Italian places in MJT, you will get better quality. Also available at Atwater, but it will be more expensive and at Adonis.

      For chestnuts, I find that quality is very variable at the smaller stores. If you want to roast them, they really have to be of high quality, you can't get away with lower grade chestnuts.

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      1. re: hala

        Sorry, can I clarify-- what is MJT??

        1. re: goosew_108

          French version of JTM, ie. Marche Jean Talon!

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            Thanks williej. Sorry! It's an unfortunate side effect of living in Montreal. I don't always notice which language I am using.