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Dec 10, 2013 02:40 PM

Raku ... OMG, please help, what is Oyaji Tofu?

I'm sorry such a silly questions, but I've been so intrigued about their Tofu Dishes, and I cannot wait to try this place out. Have reservations Saturday 21 @8pm, hoping to find seats available afterwards for Sweets Raku.

Anyways, I was looking at their menu, and their seems to be 3 Tofu Dishes (not including the salad)
Raku (cold)
Agedashi (hot)
and Oyaji

What is Oyaji Tofu? I've been going crazy searching online with no avail.
I know I can call them up, I've honestly been so busy I keep forgetting.

:) Thanks!!

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  1. native japanese girls we know call us "oyaji" when we are being dirty old men

    1. "Oyaji" just means slang for "old man", "dad", or "boss". It could be one of the chef's custom dishes or refer to something old fashioned like tofu with natto or a reference to tofu peddlers that sold "momen" style tofu which is spongier and more firm than silken tofu (probably the house special called Raku). It's something you would have to ask about. Not a standard way to name a dish.

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      1. re: Silverjay

        Thanks to both!
        I did google the word oyaji but didn't give me any insight.
        The strange thing is that I was not able to find one reference about the dish, which is strange ... I'll call tomorrow and report back :)

      2. I, with a help from my BH, tried all three of them last week.
        Oyaji is a half portion of the Raku with special hot(spicy, cold) sauce on the side. To me, a Korean, the hot sauce was just mildly spicy with some kind of smoked flavor (bonito maybe).
        I enjoyed Raku, Oyaji, Agedashi in the order of preference.
        If you want to try the Oyaji, I would suggest trying Raku first, or at least try the original and wonderful tofu before you add the special hot sauce.
        Their original house made tofu reminds me of a very light but great ricotta cheese. Very unique.
        Have a great evening. You wont be disappointed.

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        1. re: jblee

          Wow jblee, sounds like a great spicy sauce, I'm very curious about it, have reservations tomorrow ... Can't wait! Thanks for the info!