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Need a little advice...

Making a nice big pot of chicken vegetable rice soup, tastes great but it's so watery. Do I thicken? And if so, how? Can't use gluten or dairy. I would like a soup with a backbone. Thanks ChowHounds!

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  1. I'd use small chunks of floury potatoes, which will breakdown and thicken the soup.Not sure you need it if you have rice in there though.

    1. Ladle some of the soup into a blender and puree it; stir back into the pot and it should thicken the soup.

        1. If you have some canned white beans (cannellini, etc.), you could whirl some of them with the soup liquid with a stick blender to add a nice thickening agent without changing the taste.

          1. Strain it and reduce the stock over high heat

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              OP says it tastes great - it's the texture that's watery, not the flavor.

            2. Have you got corn starch available? If so, set aside a little of the soup aside in a bowl so that you can mix in some corn starch. If this works, add a little more corn starch to the soup until you achieve the viscosity (thickness) you wish to have.

              Corn starch is gluten free, and definitely not dairy.

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                Agree with the slurry to the rescue.
                I like the idea of cannellini beans too.

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                  Just a thought, but could also do an "egg drop" type thing and slowly dribble in some beaten egg.

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                      If you do, add a little corn starch slurry to your beaten eggs. This keeps them silky and ribbony as they drop into the soup.