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Dec 10, 2013 12:53 PM

Family style Italian

Was just discussing Carmines Italian restaurant in Manhattan and how great the family style dining is with the large platters of food to share. Does anybody know if theres a similar place in the downtown area or the gta? TIA

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  1. 7 numbers (both danforth and eglington spots) do it for groups of six or more.

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    1. re: LexiFirefly

      Thx for the info, the danforth location is close to home.

      1. re: BIGeater100

        Campagnolo does it if you pre-arrange

      2. re: LexiFirefly

        agree with you on 7 numbers. . .had dinner a while back at their eglinton location and left over-full of mamma-style italian. if that's what you're after, it's solid.

        as for carmine's---hmm, haven't been, but peeps on the manhattan board are not exactly unanimous on the experience.

        1. re: afong56

          Carmine's is family style Italian-American. Big plates of food you could easily make at home, except then you'd have to clean up afterwards. It's not great food, but it's great for large groups where you just want to feed a bunch of people you sit down with maybe once a year, i.e.; office parties, birthdays, guys night out, girls night out, family gathering, etc. The food itself is solid, but don't ever think of it as a destination place. If you wanted to feed a large gathering of CHers, you'd pick someplace else.

          1. re: GoodGravy

            Thats a very accurate description!

      3. Enoteca Sociale does it in their wine cellar for larger groups.

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          Had dinner in Enoteca Sociale's wine cellar last week in a group of 9. The room is excellent with a wooden table. Of course the wine racks. It was 5 courses all served family style with charcuterie and cheese, appetizers, pastas, cooked meats and a dessert. Food was very tasty. The server was exceptional, making sure he explained everything being served and then disappearing only to reappear when needed. Definitely recommended. Not sure how many people are needed to book this room but the table seats 10.

        2. Can't say for sure, but I bet the Big Ragu will do it as well.

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          1. re: kwass

            It is simply impossible to beat Carmine's in NYC. There is nothing like it in Toronto and that's unfortunate.