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Dec 10, 2013 12:34 PM

Shortbread Pans

I have two shortbread pans that I am sending to Good Will. I have been on a baking binge and thought to give the pans one last try. One is unglazed ceramic to bake wedge shaped shortbreads. The other is a non-stick, heavy aluminum that makes 12 squares for the 12 days of Christmas. I know my oven is correctly gauged. I am thinking it has to be the convection of heat through the baking pans. They almost look fried. The shortbread I made in the ceramic dish stuck badly even with Baker's Joy. It was over cooked and had to be soaked to get clean. Does anyone know the key to making good shortbread in these pans? I never have a problem with baking it on baking sheets.

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  1. What kind of butter are you using?

    1. Oberweis. My husband and I discovered this evening something I have suspected for awhile. Our oven needs recalibrating. Luckily that is something we can do on our own.

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        I use a heavy nonstick brownie pan and haven't had a problem. What a disappointment after all that work. Hope you get it fixed.