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Gumbo in Sacramento area?

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Is there any good gumbo with the Davis-Auburn-Folsom triangle?

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  1. tori's place in del paso heights but i'm not sure if that fits your area

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      toncasmo, Tori's Place is well within my driving range.

      I had not heard of Tori's Place, but since you brought it to my attention I see that the online reviews are VERY positive.

      Thanks for the recommendation!!

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        My wife and I went to Tori's this evening for dinner.

        Is there inside seating? All we saw was outside seating (and it was a cold evening, around 50 degrees).

        Anyhow, as we waited for our food to be ready, we experienced a street scene from The Wire. One guy walked by with some sort of weird handmade wooden weapon about three feet long. I didn't year what he yelled at us.

        A meth head walked up to our table tried to hit us up for a donation.

        As soon as our food was ready, we hightailed it home.

        The gumbo was good, although I admit I've only had gumbo at one other restaurant (at the FL restaurant where I first had gumbo, it was transcendent).

        The fried chicken was OK, the yams were too sweet, and the corn bread was outstanding.

        The music was playing so loud (too loud for my boring tastes) that Tori didn't hear all of my order, so I went away a bit 'light' of food.

        My wife didn't care for the food, but I'd go there again (during the daytime and without her) for more gumbo.

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          BTW, Tori's gumbo looked and tasted exactly like a batch of gumbo that I made from Zatarain's Mix.

          Maybe it was a coincidence....

      2. The gumbo at Sandra Dee's on 15th Street is all

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            beclevy, have you had gumbo at Tori's (to compare with Sandra Dee's), by any chance?