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King's Belly - O'Connor and Donlands

A new restaurant opened up in place of (blech) Talk of the Town.
looks like they finally opened the doors.
It's a British pub. yet, there are giant neon signs for Molson Canadian and Coors Lite. Looks unpromising.
Just wondering if anyone will take the bait and go

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  1. Unless I hear something great I'll stick with the Wally right across the street.

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    1. re: cheesymama

      wait wut?
      I'm scared of what i see as the Wally. you eating or experiencing something that should get me to change my mind?
      I just assumed it was as shitty as East York on Pape and O'connor

      1. re: atomeyes

        I too was scared until a bunch of trusted friends were getting together there one night. Definitely nothing like the East York. You're not in for anything fancy, but it's good solid food. Their wings are great and you only need visit a couple of times before they know your drink order.
        Try it on a Tues or Thurs when wings are half price with purchase of an alcoholic beverage.
        If you have kids bring them along. As long as there is not a major game going on Dora (THE waitress) will let them set a TV to a channel of their liking and they have one of those stupid claw games that the kids can play for a buck or two until they win a prize.

        1. re: atomeyes

          The Wally and Folia are the 2 places in the hood where I am a regular.

          1. re: cheesymama

            (i stopped going to Folia as of late).

            we like wings. Rally sports bar's wings were great. so we would give the Wally a try.

            1. re: atomeyes

              I haven't been to Foliage in over a month. I'll try it again in the new year, I'm really hoping it can get back to what it once was.
              Expect a saucier wing at the Wally. I have friends who order them with the sauce on the side, but I like them as they are.

          2. re: atomeyes

            The Wally looks scarier than it is. The regulars are harmless but it's big enough inside to avoid them. Great food and service and good value. Dora BTW is the owner.

            1. re: LinzIsHungry

              Glad to know Dora is the owner. She is always there and treats the customers like gold! I'm happy to have this place in my hood.

              1. re: cheesymama

                As much as she'd like you to believe, Dora is not the owner.

        2. In the pub right now. It's very nice. Limited beer selection - Murphy's, Rickards Red, Coors Light, Canadian and Steam whistle.

          1. Just finished my visit and can report that the food is very good, the pub is small, but clean and welcoming. The bartender I had was very new, so expect to ask for everything from beverages to cutlery. She won't offer. The drinks are value priced with $5 pints and $2.95 for bottles.
            If you like standard pub fare of fish & chips or chicken wings, give this place a try. Also, the curry poutine is highly recommended.

            1. I went in last Sunday night as most of the area was in darkness. Service was a bit slow at first, but the staff were catering to the masses who were cold, tired and hungry.

              $5 Steamwhistles were clean and crisp. My wings were enormous and made like I like them (hot & honey garlic) and they were as large as those cooked across the street at the Wally.

              I will go back again, as to avoid the neighborhood's desolate characters who frequent The Belly's neighbours, when I feel like having a quick pint of predictable.

              Keep your expectations low and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

              1. Went to Kings Belly tonight - better than we expected, although the place was quiet. Wings were small, but really good, as were the sweet potato fries. Pints & food were fairly inexpensive and the service was friendly - will definitely return. All in all, would recommend. This neighbourhood needs some good places.

                1. lovely signs written on manilla paper (neon!) in the front window.

                  handwriting is akin to that of a small child.

                  "$0.50 wings" says one.
                  the other says "$2.50 beer", i believe.

                  run, don't walk (away)!

                  1. I went into the King's Belly the first day it opened. Great little place, GOOD food, great prices along with awesome management and staff. There is now karaoke there every Thursday to Saturday. This place is a gem, great neighbourhood bar, Being drama FREE is also a big plus :)
                    I'm a regular now !

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                    1. re: cds48

                      Is this place worthy of going in for a casual dinner? Can't see a website to get an idea of the menu.

                      1. re: neighborguy

                        Yes it is, being new, they have a lot to do and a menu on the website is not a priority at this point. The food is excellent as quite a few people have commented here , myself included :)

                        1. re: cds48

                          What did you have? Was it all from frozen pub food? Not sure if a $5 pint of molson Canadian is enough of a draw.

                          1. re: neighborguy

                            Not frozen pub food! wings, curries, meat pies, burgers, etc. cooked in the kitchen.
                            $5 for a pint of stout and Rickers Red, I don't drink Molson Canadian so I don't know, bottled beer $2.95 + hst Sunday to Wed, $3.95 +hst Thursday to Sat. The proves are all advertised on signs in front of the bar.

                            1. re: cds48

                              Can you be more specific about the food? Sounds like a broad range of pub food, which for a new place can often mean it's all mediocre while they work out the menu.

                              1. re: cds48

                                What is "Rickers Red" ?

                                Maybe you don't drink Molson Canadian but what you are drinking is not much different, and is also a Molson product.

                                What other places do you drink and eat at besides the Kings Belly? If they don't think that a website with a menu is a priority, I bet many people won't bother to go over and try it.

                                1. re: foodyDudey

                                  The chef at the King's Belly comes from the Firkin chain if that helps you imagine what to expect. Go ahead and live on the edge and try something new. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

                                  1. re: MAWC515

                                    i'm more frightened than surprised by the advertised $10 rack of ribs, to be frank.

                              2. re: neighborguy

                                I tried it. It was okay overall. For the small space the menu is quite broad so I would have reservations about the outstanding-ness of any of the items. F+C was from frozen, petrified-looking slabs but fries were decent. The beef curry special was flavoured well with good potato cubes but could have thrown in more beef. If I lived in the neighborhood I would go back but would keep encouraging them to edit their menu to things they can do well.

                                A few non-Molson products on tap was good to see, if there were some loud-talkin' folks at the bar.

                                Service was pleasant.

                        2. White trash crack head bar... the $2.95 bottles sign out front should warn anyone away... I see the people (trash) standing out front all the time, and have witnessed the cops showing up a few times already, in only a few months of being open.

                          Avoid the sounds of feline intercourse on karaoke night too, jesus!

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                          1. re: eyeater

                            "feline intercourse" - that's gotta be a first on chowhound.

                            1. re: eyeater

                              Agree with eyeater.

                              I was too mild in my review, to say the least. Yes, the server was making the best of a situation and the beer was cheap but the food (and other patrons) were entirely sub-standard.

                              This is one of very few occasions where I have been misled by CH. (Fool me once, shame on you...) To quote cdm48 "This place is a gem." Obviously I did not look into this posters contribution history, or in this case, lack thereof. Will start doing so from now on.

                              1. re: neighborguy

                                I always look at what posters have posted before. It can really help with "focus." :)