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The Pastry Corner [Mt. Kisco]

apples Dec 10, 2013 11:49 AM

Just had an awful experience. ...so much for the customer is right mentalityl. The cake I had ordered (and was quoted on the phone a different price than when I went to pay) was stale. When I called to let them know, they were defensive and not at all eager to please but hid behind the fact that all their other customers are happy...good luck to them. Its too bad, used to love this place!

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  1. iluvcookies RE: apples Dec 10, 2013 12:07 PM

    Where is this place?

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      apples RE: apples Dec 10, 2013 12:12 PM


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        wincountrygirl RE: apples Dec 10, 2013 03:21 PM

        New owners. I will never go back. Here is my post:


        It was my favorite - no more!

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          apples RE: wincountrygirl Dec 10, 2013 06:21 PM

          wow, I cant believe you had the experience tooIt used to be my go to place too!!!! . I can't imagine they will be in business much longer with this kind of service and loyal customers being treated like this. I was truly appalled at the attitude I got from Alex in the store and then the owner STephanie when I called. She had absolutely not one ounce of wanting to please or know what was wrong, except to tell me they have plenty of "happy cusomers". Where do you go now for your birthday cakes?

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            Sra. Swanky RE: apples Dec 11, 2013 07:35 AM

            Hi apples! Sorry to hear what happened. So many people have posted about the Pastry Corner's poor treatment of customers, I haven't even bothered going in the place. A few places that I've ordered from and have been happy with everything: Flour & Sun - Pleasantville, Meme's Treats - Bedford, Homestyle Desserts - Peekskill - lots of great options to take your business elsewhere!

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          lemarais RE: apples Dec 11, 2013 10:04 AM

          Don't you just love it when a place answers your complaint with "all our other customers are happy." A VERY insulting statement, indicating that there is something wrong with YOU.

          You are calmer than me, I would have gone off when hearing a response like that. You should go back there and demand a refund!

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            sportswater RE: apples Dec 20, 2013 11:58 AM

            They have indeed changed owners. The people that now own The Pastry Corner are the people that own the business downstairs (doorway facing the bank parking lot). Alex & Stephanie are the owner's children, with no obvious interest at all in the business. They don't seem to really care about their customers & it definitely shows. The only thing that hasn't changed for the worse, is the decoration. They are still as creative as ever. But I don't think beautiful decoration alone will keep people coming back.

            PS...a family member also owns The Crave Station in town & they seem to be having the same issues

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              MisterBill2 RE: sportswater Dec 20, 2013 02:09 PM

              Seems like a bad attitude runs in the family!

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                wincountrygirl RE: MisterBill2 Dec 21, 2013 03:59 AM

                It's a shame. I wonder what happened to the previous owners. They were great.

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