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Norpac Beef any opinions on this beef source?

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I abstain from animal products but my family eats meat.
I was wondering if anyone had more info about the beef sold at Fiesta Farms. http://www.norpacbeef.com/index.php/p...


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  1. We have dealt with Norpac in the past, always excellent meat.

    1. Can't help with the beef (which I rarely buy) but I have been impressed with both the lamb and pork from Fiesta Farms. They seem to make a real effort with their suppliers and I'd trust their produce over most (maybe all) of Supermarket stocked lines.

      1. You probably drove more people to their website than any other single post could have- myself included:)

        1. Does anyone know about the ethical treatment of the farms associated with Norpac? I googled and nothing turns up either way. Ethics matter to me as much as quality. Thanks!

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            There is some information in the website: barn raised, 24 hour access to grains, 15 hour rest before slaughter.
            What information are you looking for?