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Kitchen recently?

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We are trying to make our Christmas Eve.dining decision, and are leaning toward either Kitchen or Cinquecento. (We were also considering Forum, but I'm not sure how cozy the space is). There will be five of us, with one vegetarian who does not like goat cheese.

We;ve been to Cinquecento a few times, but none of us has eaten at Kitchen. Has anyone been in the past few months?

Also, if you think that Forum would be a good choice, I'm open to hearing experiences.


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  1. Kitchen has the feast of the seven fishes on Christmas eve if that makes a difference to you.


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      Looking for a place quiet enough to talk on a Saturday night at 8. How noisy is Kitchen.

    2. I ate at Kitchen about 3 months ago, for the first time. It was just OK. I just thought it was very expensive and nothing I ate particularly stood out as special. The atmosphere and service were excellent, though. It's not terribly noisy, and I was able to have a conversation with my dinner companion which was good.

      Overall, I am not planning to rush back any time soon.

      1. Tried Kitchen a couple of months ago and enjoyed it. Very cool concept in my opinion.

        The food wasn't spectacular but everything we sampled was well prepared (with the highlight being a mushroom under glass dish; crispy duck was also very good). Cocktails were nicely done. (A couple of cool old school tiki drinks on the list.)

        Service was attentive. Atmosphere, decent. It was a Saturday night and the place was only half full so it was certainly quiet enough to talk -- I can't speak for the room when it's packed.

        All in all, a good experience. I would certainly not hesitate to return, but like mwk I wouldn't rush back. That said, the feast of seven fishes might be an interesting excuse to go... I'd bet they would do a very good job with something like that.

        1. I'm not sure why anyone would ever eat at forum. the food is mediocre at best and the service is lackluster.

          I think kitchen is a nice intimate space-- perfect for Xmas eve and a bonus with 7fishes.

          1. Thanks so much, everyone, for the pros and cons. It sounds like the intimate space and attentive service make Kitchen a good choice for Christmas Eve. I agree that the menu theme doesn't sounds super exciting, but it should offer something for everyone.

            I sent an email to the restaurant asking if the whole table has to do the Feast of the Seven Fishes, or if it's possible for just a couple of diners to do so. They are offering the full menu also.

            I'll report back after our night out!

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              Thanks for adding that info about the full menu. I just don't have the capacity for some of these large tasting menus so I love hearing someone is doing a full menu too.

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                I should also mention that they confirmed that the mushroom tagliatelle dish is vegetarian in case anyone is looking for that option.

            2. Figured I better report back before I forget. Five of us had a really nice evening and were pleased with our meals.

              Two of us had the Feast of the Seven Fishes and all three courses were terrific and generously portioned. We started with Oysters Rockefeller, which consisted of five perfectly cooked oysters with a delicious herbed bread crumb topping. There were bits of shells in a few of the oysters, but otherwise was a stellar dish. The second course was an excellent bouillabaisse with tender, flaky cod, mussels, a clam and shrimp in a very flavorful broth. A buttery toasted brioche roll was perfect for sopping up the broth. The final course was a wonderful thermidor with lobster and tender scallops, along with an unexpected surprise of light and airy gnocchi to soak up the rich sherry cream sauce. I could barely finish the third course but soldiered gamely on.

              In addition to the oysters, we ordered steak tartare, which was delicious and very assertively seasoned (in a good way), and Mushroom's Under Glass, which was a fun presentation of meaty mushrooms and oxtail that release and delicious aroma when the dome is listed.

              For the other mains, two people had the vegetarian Mushroom Tagliatelle and very quite happy. It was richly flavored and the pasta was tender but still had a bite. One person had the Pork and Beans, which consisted of very tender, meaty ribs and a large meatball with hints of five spice. The white beans under the pork were tender without being mushy. This was a lovely dish.

              I couldn't even think about dessert, but everyone else enjoyed the donut holes, butterscotch pudding, Tarte Tatin and Bananas Foster with bruleed bananas. Our server was mostly fine, but was either forgetful or distracted on a few occasions, forgetting requested items and charging us for something we didn't order. He was pleasant about adjusting the bill. Other than that, service from the rest of the staff was quite good.

              One word of caution, though. We were seated in the greenhouse part of the restaurant and were pretty uncomfortably cold, especially when a service door opened. If you go, you'd be wise to request being seated in the main section of the restaurant.

              Overall, we had a nice evening and would return if not seated in the greenhouse.