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Dark Meat Turkey in Bergen?

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Well, once every year we have dark meat turkey, (Thanksgiving). But it's really not enough! Dark meat is more flavorful and has much more moisture than white meat.

Now I know, it's hard enough to get UN processed white meat turkey, no less dark meat. (Fairway has unprocessed white meat). But does anybody have an inkling of a deli or specialty store that carries unadulterated, unprocessed dark meat turkey?

I wonder how these processed, shaped turkey meats got so popular, anyway... One close examination of them is enough to be a turnoff... and the smell! Aaargh. Bring back real, unprocessed turkey, both white and dark!!

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  1. Have you tried the Wyckoff poultry farm on Goffle rd , or Abamas farm also in Wykcoff?

    1. Yes, but I was looking for already-cooked deli-type turkey.

      1. No interest in dark meat turkey. Hmmmm. I guess that's why highly processed and shaped turkey rolls will continue to proliferate on sandwiches, most just don't care about real turkey!