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Dec 10, 2013 10:08 AM

Dark Meat Turkey in Bergen?

Well, once every year we have dark meat turkey, (Thanksgiving). But it's really not enough! Dark meat is more flavorful and has much more moisture than white meat.

Now I know, it's hard enough to get UN processed white meat turkey, no less dark meat. (Fairway has unprocessed white meat). But does anybody have an inkling of a deli or specialty store that carries unadulterated, unprocessed dark meat turkey?

I wonder how these processed, shaped turkey meats got so popular, anyway... One close examination of them is enough to be a turnoff... and the smell! Aaargh. Bring back real, unprocessed turkey, both white and dark!!

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  1. Have you tried the Wyckoff poultry farm on Goffle rd , or Abamas farm also in Wykcoff?

    1. Yes, but I was looking for already-cooked deli-type turkey.

      1. No interest in dark meat turkey. Hmmmm. I guess that's why highly processed and shaped turkey rolls will continue to proliferate on sandwiches, most just don't care about real turkey!