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Dec 10, 2013 10:08 AM

where to go for Christmas Day

I would like to go with my S.O. for a nice, romantic brunch or dinner. Should not be more than $50.00 p/p fpr food. Any suggestions for West LA/Westwood/Santa Monica/BH?

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  1. I'm looking myself for restaurants in the Pasadena area. Ruth Chris' is open in Pasadena and Beverly Hills. There many restaurants listed if you google Christmas Day Dinner Los Angeles. Good luck!

    1. Hotel dining rooms and Chinese food are typically good Christmas options.
      If your thoughts run elsewhere, consider yourself lucky if you find a place that is open and good and is neither a hotel or Chinese restaurant. should help.

      1. I can't help with W.L.A., but there are always Indian places open in Artesia on Christmas and that's where we go.