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Dec 10, 2013 09:21 AM

Any good taco trucks within driving distance of UC Irvine?

Just wondering...

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  1. Soho taco truck is in the o.c.

    1. On Wednesdays from 11-2, there is a food truck gathering in a lot off of Teller (just North of Jamboree) between Campus and Dupont which will usually have a wide variety of (mostly upscale) options. Probably the closest option to UCI.

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        The Lime Truck does solid gourmet tacos often enough in this gathering.

      2. Must it be a truck? Because if you're willing to cross the 55, there are plenty of great brick&mortar taquerias in Santa Ana, with tables, salsa bars, occasionally even restrooms.

        But if eating on the sidewalk is part of the charm, I can highly recommend the acorazado ("battleship") tacos and sincronizadas from the Alebrijes truck.