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Dec 10, 2013 09:07 AM

Scottsdale for New Years with Kids

Hello Phoenix/Scotts Hounders,

We will be in Scottsdale for the Fiesta Bowl on the 1st with 2 kids (13,14) who are very Chowish. Would really appreciate reso suggestions for 2 meals. New Years Eve (early) and Lunch/Brunch on New Years Day which could be problematic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We have a car, so travel is fine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not sure where you are staying, but my boys are big foodies and love The Mission, The Parlor, St. Francis, Humble Pie, and Hiro Sushi.

    1. Thanks much Danieli10. Those seem to be just the types of spots we are looking for. We are staying at the Scottsdale Resort and Conf. Center and are coming from Dallas. Do you like the Parlor or Humble better for pizza?

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        Parlor for sure. You have to try their arancini if you go too (best I've ever had!)

      2. Danieli,

        Sorry for the delay in posting about our visit. You certainly hit it out of the park. Firstly, we spent NYE at Hiro as we thought it would be less busy. Only had to wait 15 min. or so. It was perfect for the 4 of us. We all sat at the Sushi Bar which the kids love. The 2 highlights were the whole fried Pomano and the Sesame Roll. The Sesame Roll was similar to a Spider roll but was wrapped in what looked to be White Nori with sesame seeds all over. The interior is very homey and service was gracious and efficient. Love finding great food where you would generally not think it should be. in Arizona.

        We visited the Humble Pie on 7th I believe on NY Day. There were 10 of us and the place was perfect for a pre-game meal. We split the BBQ Pizza, Meat Lovers, Margarita, and White Pie. All were stellar. The crust was particularly good with the requisite char on the bottom and top of the crust while the middle was just perfect. Really liked the layout and vibe of that location.

        Finally, we visited the Parlor for Lunch on the way out of town. Wow, was that place good and also very groovy. Loved the decor. We sat outside as the weather was just perfect. I think we sampled a little bit everything. Started with the Arancini to share. Perfectly crispy and risotto like in the center served with really good house made tomato sauce. We shared a sausage and sage Pizza which was great. Daughter had the BBQ Pizza which was different that most, but so much better. I had the seafood pasta and son had the Bolognese. All pastas were homemade and really well done. Wife had a salad with veggies and Banyuls vinaigrette which was perfectly sweet.

        It's splitting hairs, but the pizza may have been better at Humble Pie, but not by much. Thanks again for the reqs as they were all spot on!