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Dec 10, 2013 08:59 AM

List of places open the evening of 24th, or sometime on the 25th?

Any confirmed open hours during these times?

I tried looking for a current list, but only ran across old info.

Oh, and cheaper plus quieter are better than expensive and/or noisy.

Edited to clarify... looking for more casual-type cafe or even coffee shop.

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  1. OpenTable is always a good path to see what's open.

    Went to Cosmo's on the 24th and had an amazing dinner two years ago, not really cheaper, but it was quieter.

    Also - I don't think Market BBQ is on OpenTable anymore - but they have been open around Christmas, went there last year on the 25th if my memory holds.

    1. Stockman's Café is always open!

      1. Merlins Rest is open both dates.

        1. I'm a big proponent of Cosmos. They always knock holiday dining out of the park.

          1. I saw a current list on eater that might be helpful.