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Dec 10, 2013 08:17 AM

Still looking for good pita in Denver

I'm Israeli, and I have pretty high standards for pita. I've been in Colorado for a year and a half, but I haven't found a source for good pita. I go to Arash regularly, and they have some really nice breads, but the pita is the same dry junk that you can buy in Safeway. The best I've found is Udi's flatbread, which I used to buy at the Boulder Farmers Market, but that's closed for winter and they didn't have the flatbread the last few times I went.

Do I have to make my own, or is there a better middle eastern market anywhere in the Denver area? I'll travel as needed.



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  1. StoneFire pitas are as close as a good Israeli pita that I've seen. I've been to Israel on business so I know what you mean :-) - A friend of mine took me to a place in Haifa where the guy made the pitas right in front of us and when they first came out of the oven... heaven!
    I, personally, make my own... and nothing compares, but Stonefire comes in a very close second and are sold in various supermarkets around the country (I think they are Canadian). You have to ask you local supermarkets if they carry them.

    1. I make my own. It's super easy.

      And, I've never found good store-bought pita, I've tried all over. That's when I started making my own.

      1. call Udi's. I love their flatbread too. they may carry them at their retail locations.