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Dec 10, 2013 08:14 AM

Chicken Lollipop

I've been reading about this place for months (just east of Braker and 35) and it's fantastic. Call ahead because the chef (also is a chef at the Intercontinental) starts cutting and prepping the food when you order it. It's just that fresh. It's Indian / Chinese. I had the chicken lollipops - deep red, crispy, fresh, and frenched nicely. they were delicious. The spinach dish was a sort of chopped spinach saute that was spicy hot and also delicious. Very healthy. The chicken 65 looked to be on an off day, because a colleague says his was great a few weeks ago. Mine was good, just not what I expected and blander than it should be (compared to my recent mind blowing version at Biryani Pot on Parmer / Mopac). Maybe my shockingly white Euro pale face influenced that dish? I will go back, but take it out. It's in the back of a convenient mart and there are two tables (eight seats) and it's right next to the bathroom. The chef is passionate about serving authentic indian food and recommended his masala mashed potatoes and schezuan rice next time. It's always nice to chat with the person making your food and get that sense of how much they love to serve up good grub. I'll be back for three orders of lollipops, spinach, and mashers for less than 20 bucks to feed two of us. portions are generous!

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  1. Is the name of the place chicken lollipop? Are you talking about Masala Wok?

      1. re: ieathereforeiam

        I use to use that road all the time. I haven't seen that place yet.. Must be new.

      2. That's why I always take a Chinese person. I also have a token Indian. I'm sure that this post will be deleted. But, you do have more street cred when you are with someone in the know.

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          yeah, my indian has signed off on Dawaat as his favorite in town but I haven't taken him to this place or biryani pot yet. for some reason he thinks those places are too far from UT, but Dawaat is somehow around the corner.

        2. Checked this place out based on the recommendation. It should be said this place is in a convenience store. The signage is poor and you might drive past it in the dark. The lollypops were good as were the potatoes. My dinning companion had a chicken wrap that was also good. Her sandwich was huge for the price, $5. I'd go back.