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Dec 10, 2013 08:13 AM

Rare find: Jeng-ban jja jang myun in PVD

I know there are some adventurous eaters here, so I thought that you all might want to know about a Korean dish I've found that's pretty hard to find in most cities, even cities with a diversity of Korean restaurants. It's called jeng-ban jja jang myun ($14.99) and I found it at Teriyaki and Korean House in Providence.

Some background: Plain ol' jja jang myun (sans "jeng ban") on its own is a bowl of noodles (handmade at the best restaurants - again, very rare) topped with a thick black bean sauce with bits of onion, cucumber and pork mixed in. (Sura across the street serves this regular version.) Jeng-ban jja jang myun, on the other hand, consists of the same ingredients, except they throw all that goodness on the grill and mix it together into a big heap of steaming, caramelized noodles. It is amazing. One order of jeng-ban jja jang myun typically serves more than one, which is the case here: probably too much for one person, but not quite enough for two (jeng ban means "tray"). So we ordered the jeng-ban jja jang and a side of some deep fried dumplings. Including a dessert, that was plenty for the two of us.

It was really good. One thing that many average restaurants that serve this dish in any form do wrong is they overcook the noodles or use the entirely wrong type of noodle. One restaurant in Boston that shall not be named actually used spaghetti noodles. Heresy. The noodles here were as good as they can be without being handmade in-house. The sauce was a little bit more robust than I'm used to, but still very tasty.

This definitely isn't for the Korean food novice, and I wouldn't say it's worth traveling for (unless you're like me and have nostalgia-cravings for it once in a while). But if you're in the area, want to try something new, I'd highly recommend it. And for others in your party, there are plenty of decent level 1 Korean dishes for them to try!

See their website for a photo:

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  1. That sounds awesome. What else have you liked there? I've walked by often when shopping on Westminster but have never stopped in.

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      I only went once, so I didn't get to try too much. We ordered some fried dumplings and the "moffle" (mochi-stuffed waffle), and both were great. A lot of the other dishes that I would be interested in I can make at home, so I think I'm probably gonna stick closely to the jeng-ban jja jang myun everytime I go. :)