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Dec 10, 2013 07:35 AM

Webster Bank Arena/ Bridgeport area restaurants?

Can anyone can recommend a restaurant for dinner prior to a concert at the Webster Bank Arena? I will have my car.

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  1. nothing near the Arena.,.............
    Best bets are in Milford or Fairfield with some good Portugese, Brazilian and Italian in Bridgeport along Madison or North Avenues (not great neighborhoods).

    WARNING!!!!! The traffic and entry for parking when there is a concert at the Arena is impossible. It can easily take an hour from exiting the highway until you are parked. (Took my 16 year old last week, wish she had her license). So for a 7:30 concert you have to plan on leaving a restaurant (within 15 mlles) by 6PM.

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      Wow, thanks for that info. If that's the case maybe I'll consider eating at home and taking metro north up to Bridgeport and walking to the arena...

      1. re: threeboys

        much better choice...easy walk from the train and there will be lots of comapany

      2. re: bagelman01

        What are you talking about? There are many great restaurants in downtown Bridgeport. Ralph & Rich's on Main Street just north of the arena is excellent. Park at the arena garage, go under I-95 and walk one block and you will be there. Maybe consider making a reservation since it is so close to the arena during an event. There are a number of other great places also downtown that are a bit further away. Two Boots, Barnum Public House and Joseph's Steakhouse are all good. Jay

        1. re: JayCT

          I like Joseph's and Two Boots is fun. It is amost impossible ti get in and out of Barnum or Ralph and Rich's on a concert night uness you start dinner at 4:30. I'm not really fond of Ralph and Rich's food, and it can be heavy before a concert.

          I have also made my answer in line with the date of the OP. Two snow storms here in the past weekanother due tonight. Sorry, I don't plan walking from the arena to dining and back in the winter.

      3. If you don't mind casual Two Boots is a fun bet. Then park along Main Street or the side streets in that area in front of people's bank area and it's a super easy walk to the Arena--easy to get in or get out. If you want more fancy, Ralph n Richies is great red sauce italian, and they usual have pre-theatre menus. And I think you can leave car in their lot and again, easy walk to arena.

        1. Don't know if you're approaching from the north, but if you're driving in from the south, getting off at exit 24 will get you to Super Duper Weenie. It's right by I-95, and only 3 miles from the Arena. Just made that stop myself on the way to an AHL game.

          1. Thanks everyone for your help...I will definitely write down all of these names for future reference!