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Dec 10, 2013 07:23 AM

Best Packaged Local Bacon in TC

My boyfriend is a bacon fiend, and I like to give him a different bacon every year. I'd like to stay local (MN and surrounding states), and eat Pasture's Aplenty and Fisher Farms routinely. Tired of Neuske's.

Any suggestions? It has to be packaged so it won't spoil. I've tried Clancey's website (under construction); anyone know what they carry? Can't find any info on what Butcher/Boar or Bachelor Farmer produces, or who supplies for them.

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  1. Schmidt's Meat Market in Nicollet, MN usually brings home a few blue ribbons from the MN State Fair each year for their products. Their bacon is incredibly smoky which I love. It's a bit of a drive from here, but you could call them and see if they can ship.

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    1. re: Db Cooper

      Yes, they ship. My dad just ordered some stuff from there and had it shipped to TX. And yes, the bacon is awesome.

    2. Lorenz from Cannon Falls makes my favorite bacon. You can get it at the Seward Coop. I also like Beelers (I'm not sure it is local), which I can get at the Mississippi Market.

      If you have really special connections, Lucky Pig is the best. I haven't had those connections for several years since the Traditional Foods Warehouse shut down.

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      1. re: shoo bee doo

        I agree, Lorenz is my favorite, too.

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            Lucky Pig is Will Winter project. Seems to be mum about it right now but you can contact him and see if it is available.
            Maybe not the best but the University sells some mighty fine bacon and they are open from 2-5 today.

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              Here's Will's latest statement about Lucky Pig bacon.


              A contact is also Alvin Schlangen, but you would have to join his Freedom Farms coop.


            2. re: shoo bee doo

              I haven't been able to find Lorenz bacon lately.

              1. re: shoo bee doo

                The only place that seems to have it reliably is the Wedge.

                Anyone know who makes the Kowalski's private label bacon? It has the exact same packaging as the Lorenz ...

                1. re: jaycooke

                  I don't know, but sometimes the shelf tags at Kowalski's list the sources of their private label stuff. (It's true of the "regular" cheese - not in the fancy cheese section, just over with the other dairy - which comes from Shullsburg Creamery in Wisconsin.)

                  1. re: gildeddawn

                    Yep, their Organic Eggs say "Supplied by Larry Schultz" or something, but the bacon doesn't. I've asked, just need to find the same guy again to get an answer.

                2. re: shoo bee doo

                  I finally asked about the Lorenz bacon at Seward. Apparently they no longer sell it by the case, only by the pallet, so Seward has stopped carrying it. Bummer.

              2. Clancey's carries Fisher.

                I prefer Prairie Pride Farm to any others (I've had all listed except this Lucky Pig), St. Paul Farmers market, I think they still carry it at the place in the global market.

                If you wanna splurge, you could try the 'wild' boar bacon from Buffalo Gal, down by Rochester.

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                1. re: getgot211

                  Ditto on the State Fair Blue Ribbon winning Prairie Pride Farms bacon. They raise heritage Berkshire pigs and their meat is in demand by chefs all over the country.


                2. Thielen Meats, Pierz MN. A few different types of bacon, and smoked on prem in Pierz. Reasonably priced in Pierz, more expensive, but available locally, at Lunds. Best bacon I've had in MN.

                  1. Bacon from Iowa Swabian Hall hogs bred by Carl Blake of Rustik Rooster Farms is the best I've had. I haven't found it at any stores, I drove to Iowa and picked up a butchered hog from a meat locker.

                    Carl's bacon rocks. To my taste, Blake's ISH bacon is far better than Benton's from Tennessee.

                    I gotta try Lorenz and Schmidt's and Theilen's.