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Dec 10, 2013 06:09 AM

Mulled Wine?

Looking for nice holiday wine in nyc.

In Europe mulled wine / vin chaud / gluwhein seem to be everywhere. But I really haven't seen much in New York. Can anyone help point me in the direction of some bars that will serve a festive holiday treat?


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  1. I've had it at Aquavit in years past.

    1. Aquavit always has Glogg this time of year, and it's very good. But depends on how fancy a meal you want with your festive treat - the main restaurant has been extraordinary the last few years, and if you're feeling splurgy it's worth it, but there's a cheaper bar menu as well.

      Amuse, a new little wine bar on Ludlow has pretty good mulled wine.

      Other places coming to mind: The Brindle Room, Cafe Gitane, Spotted Pig, Jadis, Turks & Frogs...

      I think they have it at The Standard as well - though it might be a special thing they only do at the skating rink. Not sure if they actually serve it in the bar itself.

      Also, lots of places do mulled cider spiked with brandy or bourbon or whatever you like.

      1. It's lovely at both Cafe Sabarsky or Buvette. And they always have it at the Heidelberg.

        1. Rolf's german restaurant has it.

          1. I'm sitting at the bar at Spotted Pig with a pot of mulled wine about two feet away. Smells great.

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              I bet my black hakata ramen from Hidechan I had today smelled better.

              1. re: Monica

                Could be, but you're at work and I'm on staycation drinking cask ales in daylight!