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Dec 10, 2013 05:35 AM

Where to buy "pig parts" for feijoada in Boston area?

I've been thinking about trying to tackled feijoada for a while now but am not quite sure where to start. I want to do a legitimate one with all the nasty bits (trotters!) that will make my brazilian friends proud :) Problem is: I have no idea where to find a butcher that sells the random cuts of meat feijoada usually calls for (ears, trotters, some sort of offal, dry salted meat).

Also any links to recipes or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm a bit lost because some of the recipes seem pretty "tame" (only use ribs, maybe some ham hock) and others call for pretty much anything BUT traditional pork.

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  1. It's a bit hit and miss, but I've found some funky stuff in the freezer at Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds. It's out in Concord and it's an unmanned farm store, so you'd probably want to call them before you haul out there. And it is a haul, but the flavor of the meat is really great, and worth the trip (and price) if they can get what you want.

    1. How far are you willing to travel? Seabra Supermarket in Framingham has all the bits you could ever want. I'd check some of the other Brazilian butchers too if they're more conveniently located.

      Trotters can definitely be obtained at Market Basket. Ears, trotters, and offal are all available at some of the Chinatown grocery stores.

      1. I remember reading an article about Café Brazil and Valter said if you can't find the salted beef, a good alternative is to deep fry before you make the feijoda. It gives it the traditional texture.

        1. Try MF Dulock, Somerville. He buys whole animals and breaks them down.

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            Yes, which means he has a small number of each animal part to sell. So call well in advance if you want a specific assortment.

          2. Or the lovely Modelo butcher in Magoun Square, Somerville.