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Dec 10, 2013 05:04 AM

Bistro Rylo ~ Ocean

I don't think this place opened yet, but definitely looks promising. Does anyone know where it is? And who will be the first to try?? :)

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  1. The website listed in the Facebook page is not working yet, but there was a story in APP about it:

    1. The old Mike and Nelly/Cafe Neuvo location. We will see.......

      1. This restaurant sounds promising and I wish these folks a lot of luck.

        1. I went by yesterday and it looks to be open, Has anyone been?

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            Website now online. Looks pretty pricy with all soups sides & salads à la carte. Entrees $25 - $40


          2. We are going Thursday night with a group of 8-10. It is a work related event and I'm not sure if we will be having preset selections or will be ordering off the menu. Probably not the best way to evaluate a restaurant, especially a new one, but I'll report back afterwards.

            Mr. Bean has his heart set on the short ribs with quail egg and potato pancake.


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