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Bistro Rylo ~ Ocean

I don't think this place opened yet, but definitely looks promising. Does anyone know where it is? And who will be the first to try?? :)


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  1. The website listed in the Facebook page is not working yet, but there was a story in APP about it:


    1. The old Mike and Nelly/Cafe Neuvo location. We will see.......

      1. This restaurant sounds promising and I wish these folks a lot of luck.

        1. I went by yesterday and it looks to be open, Has anyone been?

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            Website now online. Looks pretty pricy with all soups sides & salads à la carte. Entrees $25 - $40


          2. We are going Thursday night with a group of 8-10. It is a work related event and I'm not sure if we will be having preset selections or will be ordering off the menu. Probably not the best way to evaluate a restaurant, especially a new one, but I'll report back afterwards.

            Mr. Bean has his heart set on the short ribs with quail egg and potato pancake.


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            1. I live right around the corner...I'll take one for the team. :D

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                We live right around the corner too! Looking forward to having a BYOB restaurant in walking distance!

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                  Whereabouts are you stack? I'm right by the police station.

                  This place is BYOB? That's fantastic! I love me a good fancy BYO joint...

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                    J, do you live off of Deal Rd? or are you in Old Oakhurst or what some call Oakhurst Manor? or south in West Allenhurst?

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                      I live right off deal road by the Whalepond intersection. We should do an Ocean chow meetup! Been wanting to check out the Afghan joint..

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                        We live off of Dow- Afghan joint? Where's that!?
                        I still have not visit Rylo yet but my mother and a friend went on Tuesday night. She was our guinea pig since we don't go out with the baby during the week. Anyways, here are her thoughts: Very friendly, nice revamp of the interior, they have a bar area where you can sit and watch the kitchen. Lots of extras are homemade like the bread and butter. She had the duck over lentils which she loved ( I got to try since she brought leftovers home and I must say it was pretty damn good even cold) and her friend had the burger on the brioche bun... She said very good. Fries tasty and very nice presentation. They could not stop raving about the lemon dessert they shared. Apparently all made in house as well. I agree the location could really prove challenging for them. Will have to try and report back some more. I'm just glad there's something other than ItAlian in the neighborhood

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                    Stack, we had targeted going here (with a chef friend) just for small plates in the New Year. As =Mark has indicated, it's a bit on the pricey side for entrees, with the website showing more 'art on a plate' than substantive food. Perhaps we still will, but it's off the radar for the currrent. We are going to visit a place in LS next week - Julia's which he liked.

                    What my friend did cite, is that if locals aren't going to be supporting the Bistro (because of our ease in getting there via Dow Ave, etc), it's life span is debatable, unless of course, it's that fabulous that foodies flock from all over the county.

                    Location, location, location. The only thing worse as per his comments (and there was a course at CIA that specifically centered on economics/logisitcs of starting up/running a restaurant) than this current address would be if he was in a strip mall on the highway. It's all about visibility and access.

                2. I am not sure if I am the first to try Bistro Rylo but I guess will be the first share my impressions.

                  As a reminder, I was part of a group of 9 and I think it is a bit unfair to evaluate a restaurant when you a part of a group. Even though the place wasn't crowded, handling 9 at one table is more difficult than if the same 9 people were split up among several tables.

                  We tried several of the Small Plates - Chicken Wings, White Bean Basque Stew, Duck Confit with French Toast, and the Octopus. I didn't try the wings, but everyone else thought they were delicious. They did not look special enough for me to try as I am not a big fan of wings.

                  The Bean Stew was very good, lightly seasoned with a subtle pimenton flavor.

                  The octopus was also very good, though I think I like Porta's better. Here, the octopus was more of a supporting player and the chorizo stood out.

                  By far, the favorite was the Duck Confit with French Toast. Yum. After the first order, we added three more. The French Toast was crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. The duck leg was tender but with some chew. The fois gras portion was small but since most at the table didn't, or wouldn't, try it, there was plenty for those of us who did.

                  We were served complimentary Truffled Pommes Frites. We ordered 2 more servings.

                  We had 2 salads, the Chopped Salad and the Beet Salad. I didn't try the chopped salad. The beet salad was very good. Be warned, however, that it was not a traditional "salad". It was served on a long black plate, with each component completely separate. I liked this because you could combine the ingredients in the proportions you want.

                  Just to make sure we covered all the bases, we also ordered the Neapolitan Flat bread (meh) and the French Onion Soup. I didn't try the soup, but it was well received.

                  The kitchen provided an amuse bouche – A bite of raw sesame-covered salmon and one of house cured salmon over a lychee and tapioca puree.

                  On to the Entrees. Mr. Bean got the short ribs he was jonesing for. Two large, boneless chunks of meat that were fork tender but still with some chew. On the website, they show the ribs with a runny quail egg. Maybe the yolk was intended to be a sauce (there wasn't any) but his was over-fried and added nothing to the dish.

                  Two people had the NY Strip, me included. Now, I almost never order steak, but they described it as dry aged and I went for it. I didn't really know what to expect, or what I should look for in a dry aged steak, so I am not sure how to compare theirs to others. It was OK. I will say that the other diner who ordered it really enjoyed his steak.

                  Three people had the Halibut. It looked good, and they all seemed to enjoy it, but I didn't have any.

                  One person in the group is a vegetarian and we were surprised there was not one vegetarian entree as an option. However, the kitchen was very accommodating and prepared a mushroom orzo risotto which was well received.

                  Over all, we thought the meat entrees were under-seasoned, and the fish entrees were salty.

                  One important note: Our server made a point to mention that the Neapolitan Flatbread had rosemary in it which was not listed on the menu in case there were any allergies. However, there was no mention on the menu or otherwise, that the halibut was poached in lobster stock. One person in our group, who is allergic to shellfish, specifically asked about the halibut and was told there wasn't any shellfish in it. He had an allergic reaction. Thankfully, it was minor but it could have been much worse.

                  We received a dessert tasting of a blood orange creamsicle with pear snow. Very refreshing.

                  For dessert we had several orders of Chocolate Chocolate – a luscious array of everything chocolate which was devoured; the seasonal sorbets, and the Lemon π. I had the lemon pie. Like the beet salad, it was a completely deconstructed lemon meringue pie. I loved it. The lemon flavors were spot on and the “crust” and meringue were good too. I showed my math loving Sprout the menu with the “pi” sign and she thought it was great. What a geek.

                  Overall – we enjoyed our meals very much though we all agreed that the Small Plates were much more successful than the Entrees. The plates were well thought-out and presented. The pacing was a bit off but that can be attributed to the newness of the place (I think they said they’d only been opened for 3 weeks) and possible inexperience with a larger than average group. The staff did a very nice job, were friendly without being cloyingly so, and took care to make us feel welcomed. It is BYO and the wine service was very good. I hate when a more upscale BYO venue has cheap, heavyweight wine glasses. Theirs were not.

                  I think Bistro Rylo, Chef RYan LOry and the staff have a future here.


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                    Excellent review thanks so much for sharing! This is added to my growing list of new places to try.

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                      You gotta love Missy, man. She's a true, Shore-born 'hound. (Now, as to her kid and the "pi" sign, I'm a bit perplexed).

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                        Thanks for the thinking of me as a Shore-born hound. I take it as a true compliment. Needless to say, I was born and raised in upstate NY and have only lived here full-time for 20 years.

                        Now about the Sprout, she is a weird kid. Besides being an adventurous eater who will try just about anything, she loves math and number theory. She even reads math-related books for fun. She thought is was so funny that that the restaurant used the pi sign. She's a HS junior and starting to think about college. She is having a hard time finding schools that interest her as she can't decide if she wants to major in art/graphic design or math, Not many schools offer both. Oh well, if this is the worst of our problems, we are really lucky.


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                      Did the NY strip come with the "duck fat pommes frites"

                      from menu...

                      New York Strip
                      14 oz dry aged new york steak, haricots verts, duck fat pommes frites, bearnaise

                      1. re: corvette johnny

                        Now that I think about it, it did not. I wasn't really paying attention as we had the extra orders of the Truffle Pommes Frites. Maybe next time.


                    3. 5 of us were considering going to Bistro Rylo this coming Saturday evening, but looking at the menu the prices have really turned us off...We really don't want to spend $52 for a steak no matter how good it is.

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                        I can handle 50 bucks for a dry aged steak...but 40 for short ribs and pork chops? Wow.

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                          You know, if it's a sizable enough steak, or ample portion of short ribs, maybe, but $26 for a dish of mussels over pasta? - STEEP, but the website does say the have Michelin stars in their eyes.........

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                            If I had a $1. for every time I've had star's in my eyes..........

                            I have not been here so I cannot comment directly on the value vs. quality but I do know the location very well. I cannot see these prices at a BYOB in a somewhat "dingy" environment. I haven't been there since Rylo opened so I'm not sure what work they have done to the place, but the last renovation what Chef Ramsey from Kitchen Nightmares. The location itself doesn't provide for a very cozy or fine dining type environment.

                      2. Does anyone know what happened to this place? I wanted to go here tonight, but when I called the machine said they are temporarily closed? NOT a good sign...

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                          Funny I recently passed there and the large glass windows facing 35 had been covered. I said the place looked like it was closed, but just figured it was a way to keep light /heat out of the dining room. Now I wonder if my initial gut instinct was correct.

                          1. re: jrvedivici

                            They opened a half done restaurant and then never finished getting the front of the house right. We ate there twice and it was wonderful food served in a depressing environment. Sad they never caught on but then again, in my opinion, they really didn't try. I'd follow the back of the house if they try again.

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                            I keep thinking of going...and then I look at their prices and go ...naaaah

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                              Website has been taken offline.

                              1. re: Angelina

                                It is indeed shut down. I did a quick facebook search on the owner/chef Ryan Lory. His page said he shut the doors on 8/15...with no additional details.