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Dec 9, 2013 08:23 PM

Best Chinese clay pot chicken / rice

I am craving the crispy rice at the bottom of the pot. Can anyone help?

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  1. I'm curious too, which Chinese restaurants in Montreal serve it. Guessing Chinese restaurants that serve it, would list it only in their Chinese menu, or it's an off-menu item.

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      Montreaal Asian scene is not the best. Good Clay pot is an addictive meal and I am going out of my mind. Please help lol

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        I've seen the dish before(clay pot chicken). P.M. restaurant(Pret a Manger) had it, but not sure it's still on their menu. Restaurant Beijing apparently has it, but only listed in Chinese.

    2. The chef at Amigo used to be well known for Claypot Rice. I think they still have it on the menue.

      1. I had to pick up Mrs. Porker and MIL Porker last night downtown. MIL wanted to hit up Beijing, so Beijing it was.

        Mrs. Porker, an avid Chowhound lurker, asked our waiter George about "clay pot chicken&rice"
        "Ahhh, yes, claypot, winter dish. Take half hour" and points to the Chinese listings along the wall, "which one you want? sparerib with blackbean, 5 kind BBQ, chicken and mushroom?"
        He mentioned a couple of others which I don't remember as I lost him at 'chick & mushroom'...

        3/4 liter wine later, the claypot arrives, delivered by Johnny. "Ahhhh, so YOU'RE the ones who order claypot. Chef say no, but George insisted on making it..."
        I turn my head to get a better look at the Chinese menu on the wall and notice that the prices are removed. This means the dish is not available. They made it for us anyway (perhaps because we're regulars?).

        Turns out the chef is
        1. Newish and not the older guy who was really comfortable making the dish.
        2. Quite busy and since the dish is somewhat timeconsuming, slightly errked to make it.

        Bone-in chicken pieces with chunks of Chinese mushroom and super fine threads of ginger.
        I don't have any experience with this dish, so can't compare it to others. I will say it is a subtle dish that grows on you. A background hint from the ginger and flavorings of the chicken and mushroom. They serve it with a side of thickish soy-based sauce laced with sesame oil ("use more if you want more color") as well as a small plate of steamed baby chinese brocoli.

        I'll try the other types next time around.

        I don't know why its described as a "winter dish", but still isn't quite available (seems quite wintry these days).

        So perhaps ask real nice and tip well and maybe they'll cook up a pot for you. Johnny suggests pouring hot water into the near-empty pot to soften and free-up the crispy, stuck rice - turn it into a rice soup.

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            How much did they charge you?

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              $13.95. This for the "small" which we had. Don't know size or cost of larger order.
              Other claypots same price except for duck: $2 more.
              New info: they only serve claypots on weekdays (Monday to Thursday, unclear on Friday), not on weekends.
              No prices on menu yesterday " 'cause too lazy, forgot"

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              The chef at Amigo was known to serve an amazing claypot dish and rice back in the 90s. I wonder if he still makes it.

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                Thanks for the tip, this sounds great.

              2. Maison Kam Fung on st Urbain makes it well. I usually will order this with my advance reservation to not have to take up my waiter's station too much, 0r I leave a doub;e tip.