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Dec 9, 2013 06:42 PM

Phó in Miami/Coral Gables?

The last posts I could find re this subject were back in 2006.

I live in Atlanta and we have a major Asian / Vietnamese population with spectacular phó.

Will be in the Miami area next weekend and would appreciate your thoughts. Price is not an issue...would like to stay in the Miami / Coral Gables area.

Thank you.

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    1. I prefer Pho Thang to Hy Vong. Hy Vong never seems Vietnamese to me, though I have occasionally enjoyed it. They do things their own way. Pho Thang has traditional varieties of pho.

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        Thank you for your considerate reply.

        1. re: gagorder

          Pho Thang is in Kendall I think that is a bit further south than you might want to go...

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            Worse than Kendall .. SW 160th/Colonial Drive just west of US 1 -- West Perrine also home to Asia Market, Caribbean Delite, and Sango.

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              Thanks to tpigeon and taiga for the info.

      2. I will second Pho Thang but note it's a good 30 minutes or more from Coral Gables - but generally, recognize that if you get spectacular pho at home, you probably shouldn't bother seeking it out in Miami. Not a huge Vietnamese population, and so not a lot of competition for top honors.

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          Your insight is much appreciated.

        2. Thanks to all for your guidance and suggestions.

          I had seen Hy Vong and Pho Thang written up in a recent Miami paper review and was leaning toward Pho Thang as it seemed to be more traditional.

          We wound up eating at Miss Saigon in Coral Gables as my son, who lives there, has eaten there many times and loves it.. He knew I wanted phó but the online menu didn't specify...basically said beef soup with noodles. So, he called and asked and their response was "of course we have phó."

          Yes they do! This is a family owned business with another restaurant in Pinecrest and I believe they have a take out only on Washington in S. Miami.

          The lady who oversees the CG location stopped by and I asked her if they have tripe and tendon in addition to the beef. The look on her face was priceless...aha, he knows phó!

          She checks and they have tripe and brisket but no tendon or oxtail. Oxtail? That's a new one for me and now I'm missing it. :)

          The phó was delicious even though the broth was a tad less robust than what I'm accustomed to in Atlanta. There was plenty of raw beef, certainly enough tripe and the brisket slices were BIG. This is a traditional phó with the usual shoots, basil leaves, cilantro leaves on the side. I asked for real nuac mam as opposed to the americanized version and, yup, I got it.

          We shared the phó as an appetizer and ordered meals. I had the steamed fish, was perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious. My son, who basically orders the same thing every time, (unusual huh?) asked her for a suggestion for a beef based dish. She put something together that was fabulous. The sauce was the best I've ever tasted as it had a hint of basil in the background. I've never tasted that in a beef based sauce.

          If you do go there ask to talk to Win. Am not sure of the spelling of her name. She is a feisty young lady who will give it back to you with a smile and will take the best care of your whims.

          You folks in the area have a rare gem in this restaurant.

          Again, thank you all for your suggestions.

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            Glad you had a good experience - my favorite at Miss Saigon is the rice noodles w lemongrass chicken & spring rolls; the salmon wrapped in green leaves is nice too. Interesting to know that they will prep things more "authentically" if you ask - I've been going there for years and never really thought to ask, and the Americanization of the menu has always been the reason I don't go more often.