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Dec 9, 2013 06:32 PM

Detroit style coney island hot dogs

Know anywhere in Chicago that has a reasonable facsimile? Thanks.

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  1. What's a Detroit style coney island dog? Sorry for my ignorance, but it sounds like a contradiction in terms.

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      1. re: chicgail

        I am a native/resident of Iowa, but rest assured that if I spend any time in Detroit, I have a Detroit-style coney dog meal. It is the quality of the hot dog casing that really does it for me [more than the "ways" you order the chili sauce and other things one can put on it].

        To answer the OP's question, I have not seen a place that foots the bill, but if you want the "snap" I would try Hot Doug's.

      2. Thanks, not looking for just an exceptional hot dog, plenty of those in the city. Lookin' for a coney!

        1. BTW, hawkeye, you don't have to wait til you make a trip, American Coney, alledgely the inventors, in downtown Detroit, sells complete home kits that are pretty cool and just like eating there!

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          1. re: cajungwailo

            I was at National [I think] in late-October and saw they offered the same kit .... Is that what you do to get your fix in Chicago at present?

          2. Two former detroit girls got their husbands to franchise a Leo's Coney here a couple/few years ago . . . it died. There is nothing like it here. Vienna dogs on a griddle sort of get the snap, but you can't find the chili here anywhere. Two-on-one, heavy . . . I am jonesing for a lafayette.

            1. I've only had American's kit, and was REALLY happy with it. There are coneys in LaCrosse and Duluth, but that's even more bigger farther away than say, Flint. Maybe Milwaukee has one, dunno.

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              1. re: cajungwailo

                There is a Coney joint in St. Paul, MN too, The Gopher Bar.
                Be forewarned, not the friendliest place especially if you are a minority.

                I'm not sure about Milwaukee. You could post on the Great Lakes board and see. I know there are a few dog stands downtown east, but not sure if they have Coney sauce. Hard to believe there isn't one place in Chicago.