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Dec 9, 2013 05:26 PM

You ever been hungry near 2929 Southwest Freeway?

I find myself in Houston for a week, thanks to the vagaries of the Angolan Consulate. Still. Nice to be here. I am, unfortunately, staying 2929 Southwest Freeway, with no car, and very little money. I have never been in Houston before: does anyone have any suggestions for places within walking distance of this delightful hotel on the freeway? (I like good Mexican food, Thai, Lao, offal, bbq, Sichuan. Hell. Most anything, if its good).

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  1. You're within walking distance of Goode Company Taqueria for burgers, fajitas, lots of grilled stuff.

    Haven't been in that area of town in a few years, but there are a bunch of restaurants around there.

    1. On Westpark, east of Wakeforest and west of the aforementioned Goode Taqueria, is Goode Company Seafood. Excellent fish and seafood. If you walk to Kirby and turn right (South), you will reach Amazon Grill which is a reasonably priced South American place. On the other side of Kirby is Armadillo Palace, good for burgers. If you continue south on Kirby, there are many places, from sushi to doughnuts. Most will be within a mile. If you turn north and cross under the freeway, then there is sushi (at least three places), Mexican, vegetarian Indian, more burgers. Lots of choice, most decent or better.

      1. Wonderful, thank you. I was sitting in Starbucks, contemplating dinner (which is to say: depressed), when I got your suggestions. I ate at Goode Company Seafood. Undistinguished oysters were redeemed by some fantastic stuffed crab, full of smoky paprika, fresh crab, and the crunch of corn, topped with cheese, and then a rich butter sauce. Having lived in the Bay Area for the last two years, I appreciated the excess. Thanks for all your suggestions.

        1. Haven is about half a mile, BUT you do have to cross the freeway feeder lanes. Not for the faint of heart.


          The Rice Village area isn't too too far, but I wouldn't walk as cold as it is. But I'm a wimp in cold weather. It's a very short cab ride though.

          There are tons of restaurants in that area.


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            Cheers, will check it out. Freeway running sounds like just what I need to work up an appetite!

          2. In the other direction from your hotel's back side on Westpark is Buffalo Speedway; across the intersection on the left is a huge shopping center anchored by a Kroger; there are many restaurants but I can't think of any that isn't a chain other than Berryhills Baja Grill, a local chain. You can guess the food.

            In the strip center past Buffalo Speedway fronting the freeway are more options,mostly chains again. I believe a Jimmy John's, Logan Farms (local Honey Baked Ham clone - hams are okay, sandwiches are mediocre), Chili's. 100% Taquito is a Mexico City style taqueria along there; I used to go and recommend it but I think its gone down hill over the years.

            South on Buffalo Speedway is an HEB with a Cafe on the Run. Lots of foodies here think HEB is a sainted company and love everything about them; as you can guess, not me but its one of the better options of all these.

            None of these is going to be the equal of Goode Co. Seafood.

            You might also consider Goode Co.s Armadillo palace on Kirby, another in the Goode Co. family within walking distance. Venison chili is the only thing I've had there and it's among the best bowls of chili in the city.

            Folks on this board will generally try to steer you away from Goode Co. Bbq, next door, but since you're from SF, you might find it very good. In the Goode Co. group I stick to the Seafood and Armadillo.

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              Thanks. Venison chili sounds like just the ticket in this weather. I'm not from SF, I just live there; even worse, I'm from London, and used to think that bbq referred to grilling, as is our wont on the foggy isle. Thankfully, I got educated, and my place now features a smoking pit, which, of course, couldn't hold a candle to anything in Texas.

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                I was going to be so good! There I was, on the way to Armadillo for some venison chilli, in an effort to fight both the cold, and early childhood memories of chilli composed of red kidney beans and cream crackers (Britain; don't ask), but then I passed the Goode Co. Bbq, and then smell of the mesquite was too much to bear, and I succumbed.

                It wasn't admittedly, the best bbq in the world: the brisket was slightly dry, and the smoke not particular pronounced. The spicy pork was better, but pork fat always tend to have that effect. Sausage and beans were fine. Despite not being of the highest quality, I enjoyed it immensely.

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                  Now you need to go back in the morning for breakfast at Goode Company Taqueria across the street. It's seriously good!

                  1. re: blackeyedsusan

                    Anything that keeps me out of working at Starbucks is music to my ears, especially if it involves good food!