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Dec 9, 2013 04:16 PM

Maybe You Can Fix That Broken Keurig Coffee Maker

Maybe You Can Fix That Broken Keurig Coffee Maker
My Keurig B70 Platinum coffee maker quit working recently. I have had it for nearly 5 years. I went through all of the de-scaling and cleaning to no avail. Finally I found this series of YouTube videos that explain the problem and show how you can fix it. Some sharp raps on the back, left side of the coffee maker unstuck the air pump motor and have restored its function, but this is only a temporary fix. It needs a new air pump motor (or at least a little oil) and protection from an internal water leak that corroded it.
Some Keurig B70 Platinum models (and maybe other models with similar interior construction) have a problem with an internal water leak (usually a small, intermittent, drip that doesn't leak outside the coffee maker) that corrodes the air pump motor. When the air pump motor corrodes and quits working, you get a partial cup of coffee or none. The internal air pump forces the hot water through the K-Cup coffee capsule into your mug.
Return the Keurig for a replacement if at all possible. It's a generic problem Keurig knows about.
If you can't return it, (due to age, like mine) here is a series of videos on YouTube showing the problem and how to fix it. It is not an easy fix, due to having to dis-assemble the whole coffee maker. But the thing costs nearly $200 and if you can't return it, fixing is worth a try. A new air pump assembly is less than $ 20 on Ebay.
The guy in these videos explains everything in painfully slow detail. If you are impatient, skip to videos 5 and 6.
YouTube Operation and Repair Vidoes for Keurig B70
Keurig B70 Operation and Repair Part 1 - Introduction 101
Keurig B70 Operation and Repair Part 2 - Taking the Top Off
Keurig B70 Operation and Repair Part 3 - Disassemble the Unit
Keurig B70 Operation and Repair Part 4 - How the Keurig Works
Keurig B70 Operation and Repair Part 5 - Why the Keurig Fails
Keurig B70 Operation and Repair Part 6 - How to Repair Your Keurig

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  1. Thanks for posting this video guide. Ours was ~5 years old when it kicked this spring. I searched all over, trying lots of tips, but they were all, as you noted, temporary. We finally gave in and bought a new unit after 6 months of intermittent service. I wish I had found these videos.

    Although it's too late for me, they're sure to help some other 'Hounds, who will remember your name through the ages.

    1. Great post! I've gone through 4 of the Platinum models. I bought from QVC and they replaced the first one, but the next was too old. Keurig customer service was very nice and replaced it two more times. Needless to say, I have a nice one in my laundry room that doesn't work. I just couldn't bring myself to return it again. So I got a CBTL and it's awesome. MUCH harder to get pods though.

      1. Mine bit the dust after 2 years. I called Keurig and while they didn't replace it for free, they did give me 50% off a new machine. It was a slight upgrade from the one I had as they didn't make that particular model any more. Their price was about $25 cheaper than I could have purchased a new one from Costco.

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          Mine broke before 2 years were up, and they only offered me 15%! Lucky you!

        2. the problem that O'
          having with my machine is the water does not stop . how do I fix it

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            1. I still have the Keurig, but it makes disappointing coffee. So do drip coffee makers and even French presses. I have all of them.

              I recently bought an old fashioned electric percolator. It makes a good strong cup of full bodied coffee. Anyone disappointed with some of the current "fad" methods, give the old fashioned one a try. You might be surprised. I was.

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                I have a coffee maker for each day of the week LOL - the old ones are good - I usually use my French Press but I love the old percolators. I have a pour-over drip guardian service that makes great coffee - sever espresso and Neapolitan styles etc - but I keep the keurig-like one around for emergencies (I am also a coffee addict) the trick is grinding the right way for each pot to avoid disaster