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sushi in DFW?

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any suggestions for good sushi for lunch that is also reasonable?


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  1. Sushi Sake, in Richardson, has the best sushi in the area, in my opinion. Lunch is relatively inexpensive.

    You will get better suggestions, though, if you let people know what part of town you will be in. DFW is a large geographic area.

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      Hui Chan's on Camp Bowie in FW.

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      I've actually been doing a little sushi tasting around town lately.

      Sushi Sake in Richardson is still my favorite, and in fact I'm going again next week. Good service. Great selection of fish. Well priced. They don't really go in for the experimental stuff because their fish speaks for itself.

      Kampai in Addison Circle. I've never had a bad meal here and send people here all the time. Its never busy and they are so accomodating. The fish is very good!!

      Sushi Kyoto II near SMU is pretty good. Nice sized rolls at a fair price and the nigiri was small but tasty. No liquor last time I went though, but they were giving out free sake.

      Fusion on Lemmon was delcious. Pricey, but delcious. One of the best spicey tuna rolls I've had around. I want to go back and do a real meal there though.

      Reiyku at Mockingbird station was a surprise. I was really expecting nothing but a quick meal after a movie. Decided to get some of the experiemental rolls Got the volcano roll on a whim and we were litterally licking the plate and the nine roll was very good. Very nice sized pieces and a great atmosphere. I couldn't stop looking into the windows of the lofts next door.

      Deep Sushi on Elm is about the same as usual. Pretty good sushi for the neighborhood. Can't really complain. Funny thing, Gino from Gino's Vino is the new manager. He had to close down the old place due to high rents. He brought in music on Friday and Saturday nights and the place is open until 2 am.

      I liked Yamaguchi, but I think someone below stated that it might be closed.

      Masami on Beltline in Richardson is a good neighborhood place. Small and clean. The fish is pretty good and the new owners are very nice. I dont' quite like it as much since Pote left.

      Best lunch deal is Sushi Loco at Campbell and Coit. Great deals on sushi and its pretty darn cheap!! Not the best best best sushi around, but for lunch you can't complain.

      Blue Fish is fine, but I find the pieces to be just way to big and overpriced.

      Since I didn't know what part of town you are in, I hope this helps.

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        Good list, Victoria!

        By the way, I withdraw my previous recommendation of Sakura in Plano/Frisco. Over the last six months, the quality, service and value have all declined. Even with half-price sushi Tuesday through Thursday, it's not worth it.

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          Sakura hasn't been good for a LONG time

          I would recommend Sushi Rock in East Plano, Sushi Awajii at Ohio and Park in Plano and Deep Sushi in Deep Ellum. Just a few off the top of my head.

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          Have you tried the sushi at Ino's, which is also at Coit and Campbell? They seem to be increasing their sushi selection, but it is a favorite of ours because of the wide array of non-sushi options as well. I am always impressed with the sushi, though, and it is a bit more relaxed atmosphere than Sushi Sake.

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            No, I haven't tried that place yet, and I keep forgetting about it. Its kind of hidden. I have read some very good reviews though.

        3. Teppo on lower Greenville Ave in Dallas still has good sushi

          1. once a week for the last ten years i have gone to Sushi Ichiban just north of Forest on Greenville Ave at the corner of Markville Ln. The head sushi chef and owner, Park-san, who usually works the left side of the huge bar offers up some the biggest servings of excellent fish for the most reasonable prices in town. Lunch is usually fairly well trafficed due to the proximity of TI. Happy hour every evening and all day Sunday. GO Go Go!

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              I have to second Sushi Ichiban, I took my hubby there a few weeks ago, and everything was *excellent*.

            2. Piranha Sushi in Arlington, which is slated to open a second location in downtown FW.

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                I'll second that. Piranha has some very inventive sushi and rolls, and the FW location is larger than the Arlington original, though just as packed.


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                  I still favor Arlington over Fort Worth. Maybe I caught them on an off night.

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                  Killer Piranha was great. I tried sushi for the very first time 2 weeks ago at this restaurant in Fort Worth. It was awesome! Boy have I been missing out! So, I'm going to be taking everyone's advice and trying different places around DFW.

                3. Kazy's gourmet supplies a lot of the sushi restuarants in Dallas, they have everything Japanease there. Ingredients, spices, noodles, seaweed, drinks, in other words everything. They also have a little kitchen where they prepare food. Their sushi is very good, very fresh, and very inexpensive. Kazy's is located on the south side of LBJ between Greenville and Abrams, behind a piano store.

                  1. i agree with sushi sake - i realyl liked 9 fish, but i heard it closed down; and teppo has always been fresh :)

                    1. Piranah is the best in DFW - Bar none!

                      1. Mmmm, my absolute favorite sushi is at a downtown hole-in-the-wall type place called Oishii's on Wycliff and Maple. Love the Crispy Tuna and the Volcano roll. Also, up in Plano east of 75 & Plano Pkwy there is a place called Simon's Sushi (Monday Night Roll & Tuesday night roll=yum!) it is delicious too. Neither place has a really great ambience, but the food is good!

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                          My favorite is Blue Fish, I can't understand how that place isn't more popular here. But I wanted to say that there is another hole in the wall place in Plano at 15th & Jupiter called Sushi Donuts. Yep if you can believe it, donuts in the morning sushi for lunch and dinner. I thought it was pretty good, I've had the tuna tower and volcano roll so far. I don't think they'll be getting any great (read expensive) fish in but for a quick lunch it's not bad at all. I've heard that Simon's is good though I want to try it.

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                            On the contrary, Blue Fish is one of the worst places I've ever been to. I'm never going back there. They have to mask the low quality of the fish by putting a ton of sauces and other stuff on it, AND it's overpriced.

                            1. re: air

                              Yep it's the typical sheek sushi joint with spicey add ons and scary fish. It like I have said it the past, you need a sushi place that looks at the quaility of the fish being personal honor, you just cannot find this in anything that is not Japanese owned.

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                                That's surprising to hear. Both times I went the fish was excellent. Maybe I just got lucky or maybe I'm not Japanese enough to differentiate good sushi :)

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                                  I've been to Blue Fish once and will never go back. As bad a sushi place as I've ever been in. Food, service, and atmosphere were all universally bad.

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                                    Wow. You guys are being a bit too rough on Blue Fish. This place is not among the worst places to eat sushi and its not the best. This establishment does not use the best quality of fish or the freshest fish but there are only a handful that do and would therefore put them at the top. Their flavored sake is very tasty (lychee and plum sake). Nice place to hang out too.

                                    My favorite sushi place at this time is Sushi Sake.

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                                      Blue Fish is not good at all. I've been to all the locations and they are all equally bad.


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                                  Mmm, Oishii is fantastic. I work right down the street, so I'm there a couple times a month for lunch. Their Alaskan roll is excellent.

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                                    We like Simon's Sushi also! Husband and I go there about once every month or two to get our sashimi fix. We love fresh fish and only order sushi and sashimi - none of any fancy rolls. The fish there is always fresh and excellent - no extra bells and whistles.

                                    Even though we don't go too often, everyone at Simon's recognize us - "the 2 who just order plain sashimi"!

                                  2. The best place around the HEB area is MK Teriyaki on Airport Freeway (at Central), in my opinion. Very fresh and reasonably priced. They have lunch specials every day.

                                    I've enjoyed it more than any other sushi place in this area.

                                    1. Speaking of affordable sushi, has anyone been to Sushi on McKinney lately? I haven't been in years, but remember the sushi being only slightly below average.

                                      1. Well I went to Masami last night by myself and ate some of the best Spanish Mackerel I have ever had, then I went back tonight with a group. I ate the last Spanish mackerel he had. The fish was excellent on both nights, I told him to get some more Spanish Mackerel for next Tuesday and I will be back.

                                        1. Don't know what you would call "reasonable" but I went to Sushi Zushi on Oak Lawn for dinner, and thought it was very enjoyable, plus enjoyed the "vibe" of the place...Also, for lunch only, the Kobe Grill at Northpark has a very reasonable sushi and sashimi plate for around 11 dollars....

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                                            You mean the old Citizen place? It's not bad, but it's not great.


                                            1. re: TexasToast

                                              Can't say if it the old Citizen's place...It is in the shopping center with Ciudad and Benihana right off of Oak Lawn...Don't think it's great, but pretty good, and went there somewhat late one night, and liked the atmosphere...Huge menu

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                                                Yes, it is the old Citizen location.

                                          2. I can't believe no one has mentioned Yutaka off Mckinney. Its awesome and has ruined me for all other sushi. They have a great bento box lunch for $13 and for those who don't like sushi their black cod is to die for...I could it there everyday..and practicaly did last summer.

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                                              Yutaka is absolutely fabulous, as good as Blue Fish is bad. And Blue Fish is HORRIBLE. As I detest driving, I've only been to Yutaka once (I live in the M Streets and Uptown is soooo far), but it was one of the better sushi meals I've EVER had, and that includes New York, Key West, San Fransisco, Houston, etc. I love me some sushi and Yutaka is top of the pops here in Dallas.

                                              It's also super expensive. Our party of 4 spent about $400, but then again, we're all highly functional alcoholics.

                                              I've made several posts about K Tokyo, the hole in the wall sushi joint on Lower Greenville right across from the Whole Foods. Huge slices of excellent fish and the price is quite reasonable.

                                              I am also quite attached to Tei Tei. Love the view, love the lounge, love the staff, love the service, really like the fish - only complaint is the slices could be bigger.

                                            2. I am amazed nobody mentioned Oishi. It is small, unpretentious, but the quality is great and the employees very friendly. here is the link to their guide live review:


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                                                Oishii was mentioned several times in this thread.

                                              2. One more surprise is no mention of Sushiyama. I mainly like going there for dollar sushi and their bento deals. Their menu has a large variety of good Japanese foods too.

                                                Overall though, my favorite around the area is Sushi Sake.

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                                                  Went to Sushiyama last night and walked away a little bit disappointed. They have a new sushi chef making their rolls and both rolls we ordered were considerably smaller than previous trips. I understand it's $1 sushi night and that they were semi-busy, but the ultra spicy tuna roll we ordered was probably 30% smaller than the other 30 times we've had it there.

                                                  All in all it was still excellent, but the portions are getting skimpy and for a $12 rainbow roll, I'd like it to have some substance.

                                                  1. re: MarcusB

                                                    I had dinner at Sushi Yama last night as well. It did cross my mind that the $1 nigiri was smaller than in my few previous visits (smallest pieces I've ever seen in a restaurant, in fact), but all in all it's still a pretty good value, considering.

                                                    1. re: vktp

                                                      Agree totally on the value, but the rolls are still full price and they've shrunk considerably.

                                                  2. re: air

                                                    It's been mentioned several times actually. Except for the service I would consider them the best overall in DFW.

                                                    However for the best tasting Sushi anywhere I still go for the Spanish Mackerel at Masami.

                                                    1. re: irodguy

                                                      Well, I've seen a bunch of threads about the restaurant, but I mean, it hadn't been mentioned in -this- one.

                                                  3. I have recently fallen in love with Ronin Sushi & Sake in Montgomery Plaza (the old Montgomery Ward Building in Fort Worth)...If you sit at the bar, be sure and ask for Jason. He is so talented and really takes good care of you! I am a Sashimi person myself, and think their salmon is like butter. They also have incredible Torro and yellowtail. If you like rolls, try the Latino roll. It is fantastic. I will always love Piranha and Ronin both. They really elevate the Fort Worth Sushi scene!