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Dec 9, 2013 02:49 PM

Cortinas is back open

They officially opened on Saturday. I was there on Sunday around 11am and both the store and restaurant were packed. I heard they ran out of food in the restaurant on Saturday at 2pm.

The store and restaurant look amazing. Much more modern feel but still the same layout as before. There is a ticket machine at the front right to order cold cuts, bread, cheese, cookies and everything else back there. Same process as Bay Cities and a big improvement over the former system. They added a nicer wine area to the left.

There were a couple of cold cuts not available which they had signs up for - Iberico, imported mortadella and a few others. The meat slicing and packaging at Cortinas is second to none. They are one of the few places that packages up proscuitto the right way. They have the big cans of Chris Bianco tomatoes for $8.99.

The restaurant had a nice remodel as well. Nice framed sports memorabilia and tin can ceiling with wood accents around. The food is essentially the same - salads, pizza and sandwiches.

The one big change I overheard is that they are going to close on Sunday so the family can all hang out together. They will open on Tuesday instead.

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  1. They'll lose quite a bit of business during the baseball season if they close on Sundays. It's my weekend go-to prior to Angels' games (and for many other fans as well).

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      Yup. Thats the first thing I said to my wife. The line for the restaurant was out the door from about 10:45 until the time we left at around 12:15.