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Dec 9, 2013 01:47 PM

Gazientep Turkey - help with planning please

Not convinced this is in Europe, but can't see where else to post.

I'm in the final stages of planning a trip to Turkey with my final destination being Gazientep (from where I fly home).
While searching my food related files, I found this comment (from 2005!).

"Any Turkish gourmand knows that Gaziantep, a city close to the Syrian border and legendary for the spicy intricacy of its stews and kebabs, is the source of the country's best cooking.... the smoky wafer-thin lah¬ma¬cun (Turkish pizza) topped with grilled eggplant, along with the delirious syrup-soaked walnut rolls, would be worth a trek all the way to the Syrian border."

OK this is waaay out-of-date - but my question is whether the food around Gazientep is worth extending my trip for. Currently I'm planned to arrive on a Saturday and fly out on the Sunday. The quote suggests I should (at least) investigate staying a little longer.
Can anyone out there help? And specific suggestions would be even better.
Thanks, in advance.

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