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Dec 9, 2013 01:22 PM

What Holiday Food Gifts Are You Making?

I'm having a great time preparing food gifts for family & friends this season, and am wondering what others are giving this year?

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    1. re: sydthekyd

      How are they packaged/delivered? Are they frozen? This is an interesting idea.

      1. re: MrsPatmore

        I am going to try making them with ground lamb.

    2. Tequila-Lime Fruitcake, homemade pretzels and mustard and cardamom bread. Cookie baking will commence today--woohoo!

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      1. re: sandiasingh

        Totally read that as fruitcake, pretzels, and mustard-cardamom bread. Mmmm mustard bread! :P

      2. Venison summer sausage, goat milk cheese and mini "cocktail" rye breads.

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        1. re: Springhaze2

          Yay summer sausage! I got my boyfriend a smoker for Christmas, so hopefully we can send some out next year.

            1. re: shaebones

              Oh my, can you please expand on what this is?