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Dec 9, 2013 01:12 PM

Christmas taco bar recipes with Irish relatives

We decided to go out the box this year and having a taco bar for Christmas. Family is all Irish except me so it has to be mild. :(. . Any suggestions?

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  1. you might get more responses by posting this on the Home Cooking Board.........

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      Thanks first day here. Now to find the home board.

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        sorry....this is the home cooking board

        come back here if you need help finding ingredients!

    2. I attented a taco party over the summer. We brought a half tray of refried beans from tacqueria mexico in waltham. They were a big hit and finished off before we left the party. Their chips and salsa were also a hit, but the salsa will probably be too spicy for you.

      1. My family does a taco spread sometimes, and most of them are German or Irish. They do a bowl of ground beef with extremely mild 'taco seasoning' (paprika, cumin, garlic), bowls of chopped tomato, lettuce, and onion, a bowl of chopped jalapenos, and a selection of salsas (corn salsa, mild tomato salsa, hot chipotle or tomatillo salsa).

        1. I love pickled red onions on my tacos. And lots of cilantro.

          1. You might want to get one of Rick Bayless' cookbooks. I have the one called Fiesta at Rick's. There are some great recipes for taco fillings. One is with scallops, chorizo and potatoes. Another one is with pastor-style pork steaks marinated in achiote -- really good.

            Many of the recipes are also on his Web site.