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Dec 9, 2013 11:45 AM

NY Hound going to South Beach Dec 11 - Dec 15

Need some recs fro the more chow-ish places and less sceney stuff. Willing to leave South Beach but most of my meals will be there. I know that it is an oxymoron to say less-sceney and SOBE in the same request but anyway I like good food and prefer not to have silly $$ tabs

I am staying at the James Royal Palm (I hear the restaurants there are some of the better choices)

Keen for some seafood, pan-latin, Italian etc

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  1. In SOBE:


    Joes - the stone crabs here are better than anywhere else (eat with mustard). The Alaskan King Crab claws are hard to get in NYC (get them hot with butter).

    The Dutch (Almost zero overlap with the NYC location -- you should go - best oysters in town).

    My Ceviche- I have had more expensive ceviche than here but I don't think I have had a better ceviche than the mixed seafood aji amarillio sauce. This is a takeout spot. They also deliver or you can sit and eat at the hostel next door. Ceviche holds up well on delivery, the burritos and tacos, less so...

    Pan Latin
    Pubbelly - Latin/Asian Fusion Gastropub (I know it sounds bs, but the food is good - mofongo is best in town)

    Kurt Wessel left Florida Cookery in your hotel -- I have not been there since. It used to be very good -- if you decide to go you should get the Key Biscayne Shrimp -- hopefully the place is still good. The other restaurant in your hotel is Catch which is a sceney NYC transplant...

    If you leave the beach, you may want to try:
    El Mago de Las Fritas
    Papo Llega y Pon
    Nemesis Bistro
    Graziano's - the original on bird rd (Argentinian Steakhouse)
    Michael's Genuine

    There are tons of other places but this should be a good start...