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Dec 9, 2013 11:39 AM

Honey Baked Ham

Is it okay to freeze slices of Honey Baked ham in individual packages for future use for sandwiches, ham & eggs, etc. I'm by myself and an 8 or 10 pound ham is obviously way to much for me, but freezing I packages would be a big benefit for me.

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  1. Short term freezing is probably ok, but if you do it for long, you will inevitably create freezer-burn.

    1. I've found that freezing does change the texture a bit, but it's fine if you're going to fry it, grill it, chop it up in a soup or an omelette, etc. Also, Honeybaked now sells quarter hams that are more like 4 pounds - more managebale for us small households.

      1. I don't do it for sandwich use, but I do freeze leftover ham (costco spiral ham, not Honeybaked) for use in scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, soup, fried rice, etc. I also freeze the ham bone for soup.

        1. BEST TO FREEZE several slices all together -- a good portion -- and then thaw the portion to use, slice by slice as needed. ham lasts well in fridge. individual slices? no.

          1. Honeybaked also sells sliced ham (and turkey) at a higher price per pound than the bone-ins.
            I once worked it out, and if you figure the bone as waste*, it works out that sliced costs roughly the same per pound as the whole ham once you subtract the weight of the bone.

            * Of course I make split pea soup with the bone so it's not actually waste. You can also buy frozen meaty bones, which I advise thawing before using for soup. While you CAN
            put a frozen bone into the soup pot, I no longer do, after the time that I got one which turned out to have so much meat still on it that I had to go out to the store for more split peas, and wound up with 27 pints of soup. If you thaw the bone you can usually get a fair amount of ham off for sandwiches and salads, and still have plenty of pieces of ham in the finished soup. If you ask, sometimes they'll have a bone that's not yet frozen, which is handy if you want to make soup right away.