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Dec 9, 2013 10:41 AM

Suggestions,please, for family (all adults) Christmas lunch on Sunday December 22.

They live not far from the PNE. Any suggestions for a holiday lunch relatively close to them? Thought of Horizons on Bby Mountain, but it only serves brunch on Sundays. Ditto Hart House.
Would rather not go downtown.
All I seem to find online near PNE are pubs and very casual restos.
Looking for good food with a bit of atmosphere.

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  1. Perhaps the Grand Villa Casino Hotel in Ctrl Burnaby would work. There's EBO and the Buffet, as well as Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant (if you like dim sum ?)

    1. good suggestion -

      here's another way of looking at EBO

      in general - I think Delta Hotels has pretty good food - pleasant surroundings, professional service, etc.

      i will be interested in your report back about what you found for your family group

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      1. re: Georgia Strait

        Unfortunately, EBO is not open for lunch. Really having a hard time finding a nice resto in the area that is!!

        1. re: busy

          Grand Dynasty should be, then. Only if that suits you.

          A few other brainstorms, not knowing what cuisines you prefer:

          Cotto Enoteca

          Campagnolo Roma

          Never been, but only heard about this place at the PNE racetrack, called Silks:

          May not be open this time of year.