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Dec 9, 2013 10:37 AM

Eastern European in Southwest Suburbs

I'm going to be in Eden Prairie and St Louis Park later this week. Would love to find a Russian/Polish/other eastern European place to eat dinner. If there's nothing in the area, what's the closest good place?

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  1. The Twin Cities has only a small handful for Eastern European restaurants. I don't think there's one in Eden Prairie or St. Louis Park. The closest ones seem to be:

    Baku in Plymouth (north-west of St. Louis Park)

    St. Petersburg in Robbinsdale (2 suburbs north of St. Louis Park)

    I haven't been to either, so I can't give an opinion about the food.

    As for the best, I'd vote for Moscow On The Hill in St. Paul (Russian, near downtown St. P) and Kramarczuk's (Polish, just past downtown Mpls). But unless you're here on a weekend, rush-hour traffic would be horrible from EP or SLP. Count on as much as an hour to get there at dinner time - more if there's any precipitation.

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      I'd also throw in Nye's in NE for Polish

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        Baku is not so much Eastern European or Russian as it is Azerbaijan, Armenian, Georgian food. I've been there twice and I'll go back. The food is excellent. Both times the restaurant was nearly empty so I wonder how they stay in business. It would be a shame if they didn't. It is a good alternative.

      2. For fast food/takeout, try Russian Tea House on University in Saint Paul. Currently they are only open on Friday & Saturday.

        Regarding Kramarczuk's, they are actually Ukrainian. If you are around on Sunday, they have a buffet from 10-2.

        I'd also recommend Moscow on the Hill as mentioned above. They are a full service restaurant. Kramarczuk's is cafeteria style service.