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Dec 9, 2013 09:43 AM

lunch downtown

I'm coming to Toronto for my annual Christmas weekend, taking in a concert, the museum, shopping. In other words, all the touristy stuff I never did when I lived there :-).

Breakfast and dinner are covered but I'm at a loss for lunches on Friday and Saturday. I would prefer grab and go. Perhaps a good sandwich, soup, salad etc... that we could eat on the run or take back to the hotel. I'm thinking about the one-offs - in Ottawa these would be Lunch, Bowich or Bread and Sons.

We're staying at the Royal York and will using the TTC to get around so anywhere north to Bloor, west to Spadina and east to Jarvis.


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    1. There is a Brick Street Bakery in the PATH under First Canadian Place. They have very nice sandwiches, soups, meat pies, sausage rolls all made in house. My favourite sandwich is the "Boxing Day" - real turkey, stuffing and cranberries. Massive sandwich.

      (Note the shops and restaurants in the PATH are only open weekdays).

      1. Both good ideas - thank you! We will probably try both.

        (I used to work downtown and liked the PATH)

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        1. re: ceebee1

          I'll add my love for Brick Street Bakery as well. So good. And totally different than Banh Mi Boys, so you'd get a nice change up with the two.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            I totally agree with Brick Street in the path. My new found pastry love, Eccles cake, is a must try. I also recommend the palmier if you love flakey textures. The bakewell tart is very good too. I'd hesistate to recommend the turnovers... They're dense.

            As for sandwiches, the thanksgiving and grilled veggie are my favourite. Their daily soup are also great.

            1. re: Nevy

              I haven't had a decent Eccles cake since I moved to Ottawa.

              I will absolutely give them a try.

              Thank you!

              1. re: ceebee1

                I can't take credit for finding this gem... I believe Prima is the first person who mentioned it on the boards. It's the best one I've tried in Toronto. If you like ginger cake, they have a very good rendition as well.

        2. IQ Food is great - there is one below the TD Towers, and another at street level on Wellington, in Brookfield Place (between Yonge & Bay).

          1. do you like fish tacos?

            seven lives in kensington

            or any of the new burger joints on Queen W (Burgers Priest or P&L burger)