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Dec 9, 2013 09:31 AM

Veggie Galaxy--anything good to eat there?

It's right in my neighborhood, but I've avoided it because nothing seemed that appealing. Recently I had tea at the counter and was struck with the friendly warm atmosphere. I'd like to patronize it more, but the
food still looked unappealing, lots of veggie glop in large bins being spooned into smaller bins by cooks behind the counter.

So--what has anyone actually enjoyed eating there? Is there anything that is even delicious?

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  1. I used to live in Central, and I really loved Veggie Galaxy.

    I found their veggie burgers to be delicious - and the red cabbage slaw that comes with is also great. I've also really enjoyed some of their salads and grilled cheeses. And I often get my meal with one pancake alongside. The caramelized banana butter it's served with is delicious.

    Depending on what kind of food you like, I would skip some of the more exotic meat replacements. I tried a few, but they weren't for me.

    1. i dislike veggie galaxy. i have been there a number of times and have found their veggie burgers to be mushy, onion rings/french fries icky, and potato salad inconsistent (sometimes tasty, other times bland and undercooked). if i am going to eat "unheatlhy" food, it better be SUPER tasty or i don't think it is worth the calories. i much prefer life alive (i ALWAYS feel healthy and happy after eating there). the vegan desserts at veggie galaxy do look good though.......

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        I much prefer Life Alive as well. Thought brunch at Veggie Galaxy was average, and breakfast should be pretty easy for a veggie place that serves eggs.

      2. We went for dinner last year and haven't returned. Neither of us are vegetarians, but we do normally enjoy vegetarian/ vegan food. BF got the black bean burger and I got a BLT sandwich. Both were incredibly salty. He had texture issues with the burger. It was mushy and fell apart. Texture wise my BLT was okay, but the saltiness made it difficult to eat. We won't return for dinner.

        However the omelets look good (at least on the menu), and they are one of the few places open early on the weekend, so we might give them a chance for breakfast.

        I can't remember why I had, but the desserts that I sampled (one bite size) at Taste of Cambridge weren't too bad.

        1. I actually really like Veggie Galaxy. I have a vegan friend who is thrilled to eat there so we always have a good time. I've been there maybe 10 times now. I like their seitan cutlet of the day. It's always served with mashed potatoes and a veggie and usually has a good sauce. I'm not vegetarian but often eat that way at home and my seitan never comes out that good. Plus it is a nice portion for only about $11 or so. The last two times I've been I've gotten the reuben, which I think it very good. Their "russian dressing" is awesome. However, this does not taste like meat so if you are looking for that you might be disappointed. Also, their desserts are excellent. I'm not sure what they put in their lemon meringue pie but it is like crack. They do a great job with vegan deserts. Basically, this place in my mind is solid (especially when I don't have to worry about my vegan friend finding something to eat). I hope you enjoy!

          1. As you can see, varying opinions. I'm in the like very much category. This is vegetarian diner food and it does that well.

            I note the mushroom chickpea burger is much better than the black bean burger and I really like the Kendall Square, which is a burger with onion rings on top and potato salad on the side.

            All the food was prepared in typical diner fashion by the line cook.

            But if you think "veggie glop" then you may not be in the audience.