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Dec 9, 2013 09:04 AM

My lunch at Pierre Gagnaire

I had lunch at PG at rue Balzac. Before my trip I posted here asking information about the christmas dejeuner menu available through December.

So, now there is no regular dejeuner menu priced at about 115 euros I think. There is the Menu de Noel, available only for lunch at 155 euros. The a la carte menu is also available and the degustation menu. It is now white truffle season, so many dishes had it and were priced at over 200 euros. I saw dishes at 233 euros(bresse chicken, moscato d asti and white truffle), or a 203 euros cheese souffle with white alba truffles.

My meal was very good, some dishes were fantastic. The amount of food was huge and I went only for the small Noel menu.

There were about 4 or 5 empty tables during my lunch.

You can see my more detailed review and pictures here

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  1. Oohhhh!!!

    I have to go back!

    Nice review.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Thank you, it was very good indeed.

      The amount of food was like a degustation menu at other similar restaurants.

      1. re: Giannis

        I don't understand the chicken dish.

        How is the chicken cooked and where were the white truffles and the moscato d'Asti?

        1. re: allende

          This one was not the poulet de bresse marinated in moscato d asti with alba truffle, which was an a la carte dish.

          It was the poularde de bresse rotie entiere with vegetables, part of the dejeuner menu de noel :)

          1. re: Giannis

            Okay. let me rephrase the question. A poulet de Bresse was marinated in moscato d'Asti. Where does the Alba white truffle come in?

            1. re: allende

              I have no clue as I have not seen the dish.

              The description on the menu on the page with the white truffle dishes, ''La truffle blance d Alba'' was:

              Bresse hen marinated with Moscato d Asti and white truffle oil.
              Poached with foamy butter and cut in escalopes.
              Jerusalem artichoke soup with Manni olive oil lettuce salad and avocado.

              1. re: Giannis

                Good to hear you avoided it. In Piemonte we look at white truffle oil as an abomination.

    2. Thanks for your review and the photos.

      When Monsieur Gagnaire opened his restaurant in Seoul about four or five years ago, my husband and I happened to be living there and we dined there one evening soon after they opened. Unbeknownst to us, Pierre Gagnaire happened to be in town for the weekend so he surprised the diners by coming by the tables, greeting us and thanking us for the visit. That was an unexpected surprise, but I didn't think the food was that spectacular. Maybe because they had just opened, they were still working out the kinks.

      Also, the restaurant had a 'no photo' policy and the photo police were out in full force, to the chagrin of couple Japanese diners in the dining room. So I was very surprised to see your photos from your visit. I just assumed that all his restaurants shared such a 'no photo' policy. Is that not the case? Glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for writing up such a detailed report.

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      1. re: lecker

        Thank you for you kind words. When I was in the restaurant I didnt have the opportunity to meet monsieur Gagnaire in person. Thankfully photos were accepted, as noone told me not to. They waiters even hold some plates like the bouche de Noel or the poularde for me to take a photo of it.

        Writing a report for this restaurant was the most difficult I have ever writen. It is the first time I can not recall what I have eaten, what were the ingredients. Luckily I can remember what I liked the most.