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Dec 9, 2013 07:44 AM

Finally Durham is getting a Ramen Shop and Izakaya

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  1. I have been saying with every restaurant closing in either Chapel Hill or Durham that there needed to be a damn ramen shop or yakitori bar.. I hope this does well. The showing at the Hakanai pop up was pretty good. Thank goodness it isn't another burger or pizza place.

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    1. re: burgeoningfoodie

      Definitely looking forward to this. Given my office is nearby, if they're good they will have a loyal customer.

      1. re: bbqme

        I hope it is good, this has the possibility of being made too trendy.

        1. re: chazzer

          Awesome. Love the concept! Pretty bad negotiating tho to let the plans out before signing a lease for a location.

          We will definately be trying this place.

          1. re: Tom from Raleigh

            I dunno, a savvy negotiator might be able to use the buzz to one's advantage. Besides, the owners are downtown Durham vets.

              1. re: bbqme

                They may have a letter of intent and are only negotiating the lease.

                1. re: chazzer

                  Cool. I've been wanting an izakaya to come here for years. I'm glad its not in Raleigh

        2. Time will tell but I can't imagine (if it is good) not doing fairly well. The major issue may just be parking. I think they have a space planned out but I may have misread.

          1. Also.. Rose's Meat and Sweets is doing Ramen lunch every Weds from 11-2 I believe it is.

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            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

              I think they're doing the Ramen on Fridays. They had it today at least.

                1. re: whiteonyellow

                  I haven't had it yet, just saw them post about it on facebook yesterday. If they have it next Friday, I'll go by and check it out since I'll have the day off.