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"Aged" ice?

A local upscale restaurant is getting some serious flack for having a drink that includes "barrel-aged ice" on the menu.

Would love CH opinions of this.

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  1. What restaurant and where?

    Water aged in a barrel to get flavor, then frozen.

    Picks up alcohol so it melts fast. Adds flavor, but is it a good flavor? I have tasted water from a used barrel, and used it to lower proof of spirits, with good results.



    1. It's Crop Bistro in Cleveland.

      I just can't see any advantage to this at all, even reading the link you posted makes it sound like it's just really fast melting alcohol. It sounds gimmicky to me.

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        Gimmicky yes. Can it be used to bring barrel flavor notes and char into a drink. Absolutely.

        I wouldn't use the ice, but as I said above, I have used the water from barrels to add flavor to the spirit when proofing down. I think that used to make syrups it could work extremely well, without the gimmicky factor.

      2. Is there no limit to people's dopiness?

        1. I prefer my aged ice to be from glaciers. 100,000 year old from Greenland is prime, but the 10,000 year old from the Schnalstal from South Tirol will do in a pinch.

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            With all due respect, my palate is far too refined for 10k from the Schnalstral from south Tirol? You might as well fill my ice cube tray from a public school water fountain in the Bronx!

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              I've had a 50,000 year old glacier ice chunk in a cocktail. Fun but...

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                Did it fizz from the trapped air bubbles under pressure?

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                  It had calved into an iceberg, and then sat in a cooler for a few days. It popped occasionally, but no fizz.

            2. I've thrown ice out because it had "aged". If it stis in the freezer long enough it will pickup a funky taste.

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              1. re: mike0989

                {{Pssssst friends of mike0989 Christmas idea.........ice barrels for his freezer!!!!}}

                  1. re: BiscuitBoy

                    You mean firkin! As in the Goose & Firkin of London.

                1. Aged H2O?, think about how long our water supply has been around. Probably well aged, I'd say!

                  1. Well my ice cubes sit in the freezer forever.... so can I charge extra for them?

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                      I think i'll stick with 'new' ice. Fresh, clean and crunchy. Yum!

                    2. I'm currently aging some water from last week's rainstorm in a ditch on the side of the house. Not for sale, sorry.

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                      1. re: nothingswrong

                        Mine is...5 per liter. There's a waiting list, of course.

                      2. Only get single-malt aged ice that has been harvested by twelve virgins cutting ice in Alice Waters' frozen pond under a full moon. Otherwise, it's no good.

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                        1. re: Karl S

                          Please pay attention to detail. That is 12 barefoot virgins and only from the fish pond, not the duck.

                        2. I guess the question I have to ask is with such a hideous offering who in their right mind would patronize there?