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Dec 9, 2013 07:16 AM

New Year's Eve Events

Someone briefly mentioned an NYE event at Club Chasse et Peche, but I can't find any information about it online.

So it made me think, which restaurants are having NYE events this year and where can I get info?

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  1. Les 400 coups have something; an early (less fancy) dinner; and a more fancy later dinner (for the passing to 2014).

    In any case, I would get on the phone and start calling places you want go to.

    Personally, I've been burned in the last few years by NYE restaurants and parties that I will stay home and feast on chips and champagne and watch the TV.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Same here. We plan on getting a bottle of bubbly and some sushi and stay in and watch movies all night.

      I once went to the Keg for NYE. It was full, the fixed menu was limited, and no one looked happy. Never again.


      p.s. Agree with Max, NYE is alot of hype. The 30th is way more fun, people are out in holiday mode without the pretension, inflated prices, and drunken stupidity of NYE.

      1. The only good times on NYE I've had outside my house or that of friends in Montréal were at events held by ethnic or neighbourhood community groups (I remember Italian and Portuguese events - wonder if the Portuguese association on St-Urbain in the Plateau is holding something?)

        I say in Montréal, because NYE in even slightly warmer climates, certainly in Italy, but even in Paris, involves hanging around outside, and having a laugh and some food and drink with friends.

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        1. re: lagatta

          Yep, Portuguese Assoc. is holding something, but it's already sold out. Watch this space, though, they have events for all the holidays in addition to their regular Friday night dinners:

        2. Last year was our first year doing NYE in an restaurant, we went to Bouillon Bilk, and were very happy with the menu and wine pairing. That being said, I haven't seen much events announced yet, except for 400 coups and Osteria. Chez Victoire always seems to do one, but it's not the best value restaurant even on a regular night.

          Not sure yet what we will do this year, my wife wants to go out. I'd be interested in something from Le Filet, but haven't seen anything yet, I think they close on NYE.