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Dec 9, 2013 06:44 AM

Kirkland Tap!

Anyone recently been to Kirkland? Have they worked out the "new restaurant kinks" yet? Have a friend insisting on going for a little Christmas repast. What am I looking at? Haven't heard much mention lately.
Hope to Enjoy,

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  1. I went this week and thought it was fine. The space is really nice. Very warm and welcoming. The bartending is stellar. Super friendly service, interesting delicious drinks. The food is just okay. Not bad, but $8 brussels sprouts should be fantastic (or at least very good) not "fine". The rest was about the same. The quality of the food seems more like what I'd expect from a pretty affordable pub rather than a place with these prices. Though the plating is quite fancy. :)

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    1. re: maillard

      Thanks. The Globe's recent review made it sound like the next best thing! Doesn't sound like it knocked you out.

      1. re: CocoDan

        All the price comments will keep me away from this place. I'll just keep going to Highland Kitchen, which is awesome and affordable.

        1. re: David_A

          i've been a couple times now and i don't think this place can sustain what they're doing... i agree with what's been said; the food is "fine," the service good, but at the current price point things just don't add up.

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            i haven't tried any of the larger plates on the menu, but i think that, as with many shared-plates type places, there are some great values, and some not-so-great. The chicken wings at the bar (done sort of street-corn style with cotija and corn, iirc, as well as green chile sauce) were incredibly reasonably priced and delicious. The lamb ribs were quite good as well, though they were on the more borderline side value-wise.

            In other news, as an aside, I think perhaps the most interesting part of kt&t is that it is not just a markedly different style of cooking for Maws, but (just based on those two dishes), a very different set of flavor profiles than is on display at Craigie (and, by multiple visits and menu stalking, really hasn't changed that much over the last couple years).

            For someone who was so formerly averse to opening up a second spot, it seems kt&t has done a good job for helping him up his game creatively.

            Of course, as I said, that's based off a someone limited experience with the kt&t menu, so I'd be interested to hear from others if they feel similarly.

            1. re: David_A

              The price points if the places that are opening up recently are too rich for my blood.

        2. Thank to all for he comments. I'm really not that blown away by the menu, but am willing to give it a try based on high succeses at Craigie.

          1. I went last week and thought it was awesome. I hadn't realized how big that space was.

            The swordfish chops were the highlight for me. I've never had that preparation and normally avoid swordfish on restaurant menus at all coat for fear of a dense, dry hunk. Second was the excellent spaghetti dish that has gotten raves, followed by the juicy, fatty lamb ribs. My friend enjoyed his cheeseburger (but didn't share).

            I'm missing a few things that were good but not on the highlight reel. I think the terrine, an off-menu mixed green salad (by request to cut some of the heaviness and cheerfully accommodated), a fish dish, and the pumpkin stew (which really was a highlight but has rotated off the menu).

            Good cocktails, nice beer list. The bag or bat shots were cute, cold, light, on the sweet side. Pleasant service. Packed with Harvardians (specifically, not just Cantabrigians) on the late weeknight we went, so I think they will fare well, despite the price tag.

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              I completely agree, except I LOVED the spagetti dish, with the sword chop coming in second. Very pleasant service when I was there.

            2. That kielbasa with the sauerkraut and mustards is a real treat.

              1. The grilled salmon head is fantastic.