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Dec 9, 2013 06:42 AM

Eggless meatloaf?

My SO asked me to make his mother's meatloaf later this week. Since he rarely asks for a specific meal for dinner, I want to oblige it.

Now he has not lived with his mother for about 20 years and she stopped cooking from scratch even before that... so when she told me her recipe over the phone from memory, I was a little skeptical. I want to run it by you all in case she may have forgotten items.

1# ground chuck
3 slices of bread pinched into small pieces
salt & pepper
topped with small can of spaghetti sauce

I do admit, she was a simple cook, but this seems very minimal. My SO has asked for no diced vegetables in it because he wants a 'meatloaf'. But... no milk or tomato sauce in the meat? No egg? Not even Worcestershire sauce?


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  1. I never put eggs or milk into meatloaf. I do add a few tablespoons of ice water.

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    1. Well, that's a minimalist meatloaf, for sure!
      I use egg as binder, for sure.
      What about herbs? mirepoix? cheese maybe?

      It must be something Proustian for your SO, so I'd oblige and make it.
      My mom's food was minimalist too, and I have fond memories. However, I like flavor, so my cooking has been lightyears away from hers, bless her soul.

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      1. re: monavano

        Proustian? I learned a new word and meaning. How fun!

        No cheese, vegetables, or herbs for him tonight, but maybe next time.

      2. Well...

        The meatloaf we had when I was growing up was:

        Ground beef
        Salt and pepper

        Form the ground beef into the shape of a meatloaf. Season with salt and pepper. Smear ketchup across the top.

        Bake for a hour.

        That's it!

        You can see how waspy we were ;)

        It was how my father had meatloaf as a child and that was the way he wanted it. It's perfectly fine and if you use very good quality beef with, say, 80-20% fat ratio, it will be juicy and flavorful.

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        1. re: Roland Parker

          Nothing wrong with how he likes it. Did use an 80/20 chuck for some fat.

        2. I would bet she meant a 15-oz can of spaghetti sauce. If it were me, I would use enough of that to bind it together. You just need enough left over to slather over the top. Your SO isn't going to notice an egg in there so I'd add that. Heck, I'd put Worcestershire in there too.

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          1. re: MrsJonesey

            Did add the egg and about 15oz of sauce, but held back the Worcestershire since it may compete with the spaghetti sauce.

              1. re: monavano

                That would be an understatement. lol!

            1. re: MrsJonesey

              that is a terrible sugestion to add an egg--what if the poor guy is allergic to them

              1. re: farmerboy

                She might have noticed an egg allergy by now.

            2. My mother used bread soaked in milk(no egg), ketchup and some yellow mustard. I don't like the sounds of that spaghetti sauce.

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              1. re: miss_belle

                It wasn't that bad, not what I would first think of as meatloaf but very edible.