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Dec 9, 2013 04:49 AM

Goose in Rhode Island

Does anyone know palace that carries goose in Rhode Island? I'm thinking about shaking things up for Christmas dinner this year.

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  1. Check with persimmon provisions. They should be able to order goose for you. (401) 337-5885.

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    1. Yes, I cooked a goose from Persimmon Provisions last year for Christmas Eve. I believe they get their geese from D'Artagnan, so it's a very good product. I had raves over the meal, and enough goose fat to cook with for months.

      Fair warning, however--we had a bit of a production with PP over it. I ordered a goose of a particular weight appropriate to the number of my guests. PP took my order and did not warn me that they had little control over the size of the geese that arrived from D'Artagnan. Geese are pretty expensive by the pound, so you can imagine my surprise when I went to pick it up the day before Christmas, and they offered my a goose that was $60 more expensive than the one I'd actually ordered! When I complained to the counter clerk, he offered to cut off the wings and legs to get the weight down (?!?) Since I didn't want to bring a mutilated bird to the table (and I wanted to eat the wings!) I reluctantly shelled out the extra cash to pay for the larger-than-ordered bird. I did complain to the owner, and he offered me accommodation. In all, it was quite a frustrating experience, however.

      So just bear in mind, PP can't dictate the size of the bird they get from D'Artagnan. You might end up with a bird that's larger (or, I suppose, smaller) than what you actually order.

      Whole Food also carried D'Artagnan goose by special order. I recall that the price/lb was approximately $1 less at PP, so that's why I went with them.

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        Thank you very much for your thorough reply. I may end up preordering at WF, just because it's much closer. Definitely looking forward to having a stash of goose fat!

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          FYI... you can order directly from D'artagnan and pay the shipping, should be less than paying the mark up at Persimmon - in the past I have found that they are less than accommodating. Also try Fossil Farms they have all sorts of specialty meat and game

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            Alas, I didn't know it was a d'artagnan goose until after all the trouble went down. In the future, direct ordering would probably be best. Especially since I gave Persimmon another shot this year with my Christmas Eve roast and they, again, screwed up the order :( I do appreciate the quality of their meat, but I don't think I'll trust them for a holiday order again. Disappointing since they're conveniently located for me.
            Thanks for the tip on fossil farms--I'll check them out next time.

        2. Maybe you should try your local Stop & Shop. Right before thanksgiving, I noticed that the S&S in Branford CT had goose in their frozen case. They were about $60 which is a pretty good price. Picked one up for Christmas dinner.

          1. Try Antonelli's Poultry in the Plaza in the Hill. they have them in the back and alive and will process it for you. I purchase mine from there once in a while.

            1. One of the vendors at the Saturday farmers market raises/butchers geese.

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                Thank you all for your replies. I will let you know what I find. @N2012: the Pawtucket market? And do you know if they are fresh or frozen? Thanks!

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                  They won't be available that day for pick up (the farmer who raises them slaughters to order), but can usually be picked up later that week. I cannot remember his name, but he is in the old wing I believe. Older gentleman, just sells meat this time of year, though he does sell produce at the summer Armory market.