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Dec 9, 2013 03:56 AM

Is there a chart or article that translates the different terms for cuts of beef used around the United States?

I moved from the Chicago area to Tampa/Sarasota/Ft. Myers. I never understood what part of the steer many of the cuts in the midwest were and my lack of understanding got much worse after I moved to Florida. Asking butchers has helped a bit in the sense of understanding the general area that the cut comes from, but I am still often confused as to what in Florida equals what in the midwest (or elsewhere).

I have also discovered that many of the terms used in Florida are actually terms used on the east coast and originate, apparently, from New York and New Jersey. I nice, precise nationwide guide (not just Florida/midwest) would be helpful. Does one exist?

(I realize that descriptions for different beef cuts are limited only by the imaginations butchers and grocery store marketing types, and the landscape of terms keeps changing, but anything would help.)

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  1. Just google "USDA Beef Chart" and you will get a bunch like this, that should answer your question(a).

    1. There was a book published in 1977, available for literally pennies on Amazon, called “The Meat Board Meat Book” that shows charts and cuts of beef, lamb, and pork with their alternate names. Could be that there are some more recently popularized cuts that aren’t included, but I’ve had the book since it was first published and find it very informative and helpful, much more so than most of the information I’ve been able to find in the Internet.