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Dec 9, 2013 03:54 AM

Mail order chocolates?

I'm heading down to Kee's in NYC this weekend to pick up some chocolates for a holiday party. But while Kee's is great, the chocolates have a short shelf life and can only be purchased at her stores. So I won't be able to get any for Christmas.

Does anyone have any great chocolate rec's available online?

I can pass one tip on myself. Locally, there is a woman in Weston, CT who handmakes exotic Indian-inspired chocolates using top quality Belgian chocolate.

I had the pleasure to meet her and sample her chocolates last week for a story I'm writing. So if you know a chocolate enthusiast who would enjoy flavors such as Intense Raspberry Truffles, Orange Almond Clusters, Halva Heaven, Masala Chai, and Wasabi Ginger, give Le Rouge a shot.


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      Thank you for the recommendation and the link. I wasn't familiar with John & Kira's but after visiting their site I am anxiously awaiting my first delivery of their chocolates. I ordered the 15-pc every flavor box and the 6-pc ladybug box. So cute and great reviews (NYT, Gourmet, Martha Stewart, etc).

      They source ingredients from small farms (many local to them) and they are big supporters of urban & school gardens too.

      1. re: lynnlato

        They have really grown their line too. The first time I had a J&K chocolate was at a bridal shower and the website was quite small in production. We've enjoyed their choc figs from time to time. http://www.johnandkiras.com/product/C...

        The lady bugs, mushrooms and forest themes are adorable!

    2. http://www.recchiuti.com/106.html?are...

      Chocolate covered pears by Recchiuti Confection was one of my favorite gifts last year. They have some really delicious fruit & chocolate inspiration http://www.recchiuti.com/720.html

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        Oooh, those pears look so good! Dang it, I may need to order those as well. I have to stop reading this thread!

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              You might want to check out The Secret Chocolatier, here in Charlotte:


          1. These are outstanding. Just opened up this year:

            Also - an old favoite from Buffalo, NY - sponge candy!! A must-try! (But they have other delicious chocolate treats as well!

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              How interesting. I enjoy Pain D'Epice bread very much so this sounds fantastic.

              1. re: HillJ

                I haven't tried the Figs & Pain D'Epice, but if it's anything like the rest of their chocolates... :) So unique and delicious - all of it! If you try these, let me know what you think! :)

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                  I will. I have a dear friend that adores figs. This year, I thought I would put a fig themed gift basket together. So, I went right to the link to see what Hudson offered in the fruit/choc category..happy find!

              1. Lovely suggestions!!! Thanks so much!!!!