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Dec 8, 2013 09:56 PM

Hong Kong 4 Days

We are traveling to Hong Kong later this month for our honeymoon. We are going to be in Hong Kong for 4 days and then heading to Thailand for the rest of the trip. I would really appreciate any suggestions.

We are staying at the Ritz Carlton Kowloon and this is our 1st trip to Hong Kong. The restaurants do not need to be next to the hotel, but nowhere too far from the general vicinity where tourists spend most of their time. The only dietary restriction is that my fiance does not eat pork. I'm assuming that most places will have non pork options.

Breakfast: We might just have a snack or some fruit and save room for the rest of the day? Unless there are can't miss breakfast options?

Lunch: Would love some great Dim Sum. Also, maybe a few casual, relatively quick & inexpensive lunch options with really great food. A great noodle joint would be great. I know this very broad and if you need me to help narrow down feel free to ask me any questions.

Dinner: Would love at least 1 romantic restaurant with great views and great food to match. Prefer food over view, but would like there to be a nice atmosphere.

Chinese restaurants in Miami are not very good so we will focus most of our meals around Chinese food.... Cantonese, Chinese BBQ, Dim Sum? Anything that is good and worth going to?

Somebody recommended the Steak House at the Intercontinental, but not sure I want to go to a Steak House in Hong Kong. The same person recommended to eat where the Aqua light show is. Thoughts? Zuma Brunch? High Tea at the Peninsula?

We are excited for our trip and would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!

Thank you

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  1. My only helpful comment would be: how strict are you on the pork front? The reason I ask is that one of my colleagues, a Muslim, struggles with Chinese food because woks etc aren't kept separate for pork and non pork, and pork fat is often used as oil. This is in Singapore - it's a pain getting a chilli crab.

    I'd also say - blitz the Chinese food every meal and don't bother about the rest unless you are getting tired. Personally, I think the light show is overrated - I'd go stand on the waterfront, watch it, and then go eat nearby.

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Avoiding pork in Chinese food is really hard as it's used a lot even in many dishes that don't specify it. And dim sum can be the biggest issue

      1. re: PhilD

        I also agree the light show isn't that great, and IMO it's better from the IFC roof looking at the the ICC. Given the pork issue your big romantic meal may be best in a non-Chinese place.

        Caprice is between chefs, and Amber is a little staid. Some off the wall choice could be Amigo's as it's so old school and very old style romance with white gloved waiters. Tate is interesting and can be very nice - but so many courses the waiters would interrupt the flow of romance. Tosca at the RItz has an amazing view - but I have never eaten there in the evening.

      2. re: mr_gimlet

        My fiancé doesn't eat pork, but as long as they tell her that the dish doesn't have pork that is good enough.

        1. re: djs7d

          "...but as long as they tell her that the dish doesn't have pork " and thats the problem.

          Its simple to not order pork dishes but far more complex when the pork is just an ingredient. As it is in many diim sum fillings, in rice (often spliked with ham) and in vegtable dishes as minced pork, or even in soups as some lard ) in addition to the common pork stock).

          The old story of the vegitarian asking if the dish had meat in it, being told no it was vegtable, then beining horrified it had minced pork in it is probably not apothrical, andd maybe quite a common thing.

      3. What about Tin Lung Heen? Worth going to for Dim Sim or an a la carte dinner?

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          Depending on if OP will pick Ryugin as one of their destination. If so, I would pick Lung King Heen on the 'island' side for Dim Sum. Equally good Dim Sim but with views of the harbour from a different vantage point!
          Above and Beyond or Ah Yat both also offer great lunches with spectacular views! Be sure to ask for a window table when making reservation!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Thank you! I am going to stick with all Chinese food so I will pass on Ryugin.

            Is Lung King Heen better for a Dim Sum lunch or a an evening dinner? I have an evening dinner reservation. What about Tin Lung Heen? Shang Palace?

            Looking for a great Peking Duck... Lei Garden, Peking Garden, or Spring Deer?

            What about Tim Ho Wan for Dim Sum?

            Would also like some casual restaurants that attract locals that serve great food.

            1. re: SobeChower

              Shang Palace in an the basemennt so not great foor views.

        2. For the romantic dinner part: why not go Japanese? Tenku Ryugin is great. I'm sure you can inform Ms. Takano, the manager, in advance about your spouse dietary restriction and Chef Sato should have no problem fulfill it. It's only a short walk from your hotel as both are in ICC

          It's located on the 101st floor, so the view of HK skylines should be amazing, given not foggy. Well, it might be similar view since you'll be staying at Ritz Carlton

          The high tea at Peninsula? Only if you're prepared to wait for an hour or so to get the seat. It can be worse during weekends or as Festive season is approaching. The atmosphere is the best part. Food/drink wise, I heard, it's not better than say high tea at Mandarin Oriental with less crowd

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          1. re: Bu Pun Su

            Thank you guys for all of the help. I don't think there will be an issue with the pork. As long as the restaurant doesn't only serve pork it should be fine.

            We arrive late on Thursday evening. Is there something close by the hotel that is open late with great food in a casual setting?